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    (Other Items from Liveleakers, Conspiracy, Propaganda)

    I have noticed a recent influx of "copycat" LiveLeak personalities. Not only is this truly confusing, this is just plain unoriginal. Upon further observations, my mind is telling me that we have possi

    By: Chkmt44 | Creation date: Feb-12-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Dopplegangers, and , the, infinite, sadness

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    Creativity and navigating the super unknown



    Like 2 sparrows in a hurricane, trying to find their way. With a head full of dreams, and faith that can move anything. They've heard its all uphill, all they know is how they feel. The world says the

    By: Chkmt44 | Creation date: Feb-12-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Tanya Tucker, Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

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    Losers on my channel



    Having comments on my channel just leaves it open for losers to thumb blitz or abuse. Why feed their small egos?

    By: mikemac | Creation date: Feb-12-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Yawn, Losers, Thumb blitzers, Dildo Pouches

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    The End Is Near



    10 Plagues 1. Water turned to blood 2. The plague of frogs 3. The plague of gnats/lice 4. The plague of flies 5. The plague against livestock 6. The plague of boils 7. The plague of hail 8. T

    By: Kopernikus | Creation date: Feb-11-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: this and that

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    Amazon have updated their T&C’s to include exemptions for “zombie attac



    57.10 Acceptable Use; Safety-Critical Systems. Your use of the Lumberyard Materials must comply with the AWS Acceptable Use Policy. The Lumberyard Materials are not intended for use with life-critical

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Feb-10-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Zombie, fall, of, civilisation, Amazon, !

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    This isn't going away, we are importing thousands, headed for catastrophe.



    An islamic attack on the gays and trannies is an attack on all of America. Perhaps Barry, finally, will do something. Anything. Being the gay muslim he is, I expect rhetoric, nothing more and nothing

    By: Barrackbar Osama | Creation date: Feb-7-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: lmao

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    Ku Klux Klan of Live Leak


    (Other Entertainment)

    I make anti-KKK comments to the same group of racist bigots on this website who call themselves "trolla" but should just call themselves the Aryan Brotherhood: barackbarosama greatgazoo travis###

    By: DeadPlug | Creation date: Feb-7-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Ku Klux Klan, KKK, bigotry, racist, race war wanna bes, eric cartman wannaB

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    Nigerian Astronaut Lost in Space!



    Subject: Nigerian Astronaut Wants To Come Home Dr. Bakare TundeAstronautics Project ManagerNational Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA)Plot 555Misau StreetPMB 437Garki, Abuja, FCT NIGERIA

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Feb-5-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Lost in space, need, €£, 3, million,!, scam! Lol

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    Red Star™ Hinckley



    I fucking love Live Leak. Or is it LiveLeak? One of the only sites I visit on more than a daily basis. My favorite site of all time by far. Ever. Why you ask? I've always been insanely curi

    By: RoyHinckley | Creation date: Feb-3-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Red Star™,TROLLA™, morans, shacklord, gayng warfare

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    w4gon_burn3r Hates White People.


    (Regional News)

    Some of you that are friends with this guy might want to know this. Especially if you are white like me!

    By: Larry8241 | Creation date: Feb-1-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Blacks, whites, muslims, Mexicans

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    The Whole "RIP Liveleak" my take


    (Your Say)

    Hello Everyone, I've been MIA for awhile, and lurk in the chat more and more often. I guess I'm back into it now. To the point- so most of us have noticed the insane amount of youtube crud that's

    By: VelcroToiletPaper | Creation date: Jan-27-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: RIP, Liveleak, youtube, isis, vtp

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    Me vs The Missis


    (Your Say)

    The Missis was brought up in the Countryside. I grew up in an inner City. The Missis used to tip Cows as a Kid. I used to tip Cars as a Kid. The Missis used to Roll Hay bales down the hil

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Jan-25-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Growing, up, differences, me, and, the, missis

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    Food, Music Blog, & Movies



    Food & Music Blog

    By: LittleWhiteWolfie | Creation date: Jan-25-2016 | Number of entries: 2
    Tags: Food , Music , movies

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    (Your Say)

    It seems that everyone who claims to be a SJW has the idea that, since we can't force people to work and better themselves to fix income-inequality, let's just keep pushing jobs further away so more p

    By: future_expat79 | Creation date: Jan-24-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: SJW

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    "Defamation" "Libel" "Slander"



    Hello all! Question for you all,,,,, Lately I've seen people question what "Defamation, Libel, and Slander" is. I like to see what your opinions are on this subject containing trolling and internet

    By: Topple215 | Creation date: Jan-22-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Defamation Slander opinion