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    Ran Dumb



    I am an introverted anomaly Sailing these seas of cheese

    By: The Black Orchestra | Creation date: Oct-25-2013 | Number of entries: 0
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    Better luck next time!!



    OK, so you are here. Probably because i downvoted you and that made you very angry and made you think about suicide. So you come here, thinking "I'm gonna defecate all over his profile comments". N

    By: daver18qc | Creation date: Oct-20-2013 | Number of entries: 0
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    why so many repost lately



    im seeing vid's repost 3-4 times in just a hour

    By: snikwad75 | Creation date: Oct-18-2013 | Number of entries: 0
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    The True Irony...


    (Your Say)

    After all the knees quit jerking... After all the Jokes have been told... I look back through the comments... Looking for those who supported me the most... Looking for names to add to the Thank Y

    By: GORTEVANS | Creation date: Oct-10-2013 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: GORT,Misunderstood,Irony,Absurdity,life,

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    Nothing to See Here...


    (Your Say, Other Items from Liveleakers)

    For full view of my blog (because it's that good) Weird day when you sign into your various interweb crap and have a friend asking you.... "Hoping you are not a mod here now.....Do you mod her

    By: Sweetmama2185 | Creation date: Oct-10-2013 | Number of entries: 27
    Tags: thoughts, blogs, whines, what nots

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    Non-fiction warrior.


    (Citizen Journalism)

    Just me ranting and raving, please pay no attention.

    By: burntham113 | Creation date: Oct-10-2013 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Civil Service, Charity, Good Will

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    Fried Brain Sandwich Channel Blog


    (Your Say)

    My video channel:

    By: Fried Brain Sandwich | Creation date: Oct-10-2013 | Number of entries: 1
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    mlivsey's ramblings


    (WTF, Creative, Other Entertainment, Music)

    I'm now a pro blogger, whatever that is but it's now functioning on my channel. What's a channel?

    By: mlivsey | Creation date: Oct-5-2013 | Number of entries: 3
    Tags: mlivsey,music,papagang2007,collaborations,space

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    The Frozen Burrito, (a Haiku).



    Beans, Tortilla Wrapped Minute in the Microwave Lava in my Hand

    By: unregistered | Creation date: Sep-11-2013 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Haiku, Burrito, hot,

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    Here there be trolls



    @GORTEVANS This is far too long I wouldn't blame you for not reading in fact I'll make this a blog post not a comment reply. This situation isn't actually about Rager at all... It has somet

    By: Dawt-Calm | Creation date: Sep-9-2013 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: trolls, groups of users, you are no longer Boone, you are cabal, blogs

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    Kurdistan Liberation Front - Facebook Channel


    (World News, Politics, Syria, Iraq, Other Middle East)

    The Kurdistan Liberation Front focuses on everything related to the Kurdish culture, heritage, history and news. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events. Our goal is to make more

    By: burn_khameneis_beard | Creation date: Sep-3-2013 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Kurdistan Liberation Front, Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, FSA, YPG

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    Austin, Texas


    (Your Say)

    NAZI SUNSET video Was very unfortunate and yet could have been avoided altogether. But lets be fair and honest on this whole sequence of events. It's not one sided as the complainer would like t

    By: itsallaboutyou | Creation date: Aug-23-2013 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Lake Travis, Low lake levels, Devils Cove, 6th street, Pit BBQ, Brisket

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    (Your Say)

    So yeah I suffer from depression. Have had it on and off all my life but full swing for the last couple years. I used to be big into chicks which is where I got the pic for my background as well as

    By: Saros | Creation date: Aug-23-2013 | Number of entries: 15
    Tags: depression, bullshit, fuck you

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    2 year's of me ( long story wiff links )


    (Your Say, Other Items from Liveleakers)

    this is a long story summing up my last 2 years on here: just went back to peek over my first 0.10 point's : ------------------------------------------- ur vids r enjoyable im gonna sub (

    By: MrFailAlot | Creation date: Aug-10-2013 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: mrfailalot fail alot many typo\'s prolly

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    Lackey.....The definition.



    One of many....

    By: itsallaboutyou | Creation date: Aug-9-2013 | Number of entries: 0
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