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    mdosen's "anonymous" rants



    Creating a blog so I can vent without the people I live with, work with, or are related to can easily find it. I'm mdosen on most sites I sign up for, so I do not declare any level of anonymity. Jus

    By: mdosen | Creation date: Mar-10-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: venting

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    Brand new LL'er


    (Other Entertainment)

    Ok, So I uploaded my first video today and it was great. Except the fact that it was rotated 90 degrees to the left and was horizontal, no bueno. Is there anyway I can edit these videos once I have up

    By: James Webb | Creation date: Mar-8-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Help me!

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    Random Fuckery.


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    Puppet, let us never cut again. In the name of the acceptance of. The fragments almost, seem to, but never do complete the picture. Something missing. You don’t know what it is, but you

    By: Captaindinky | Creation date: Mar-6-2014 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: figure it out

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    Memorable Quotes



    By: NackJich0ls0n | Creation date: Mar-4-2014 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: qotes

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    Creating original new media for cheap points.


    (Your Say)

    Well it is a pleasure to meet all you Live Leakers , I am Absent85. I have always enjoyed this site, I remember signing up for a Ogrish account and i ended up having this LL account. It has been great

    By: absent85 | Creation date: Feb-11-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: yoursay, media, hello points

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    Lebanon -


    (Other Middle East)

    I discuss events current and historical affecting this country. Comments and questions are welcome! Thanks for reading.

    By: xDBx | Creation date: Feb-11-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Lebanon, Politics, History, Opinion, Conflict, Analysis, Middle East,xDBx,

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    IF you have a shitty system in your grandma's house... SKIP MY PAGE

    By: FreeBacon4muslims | Creation date: Feb-11-2014 | Number of entries: 78
    Tags: Eargasms

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    Music I like to listen to, clean to, sing to, dance to :-)



    Just thought I'd share some of the music I like to listen to in no particular order 1. Wild Wild West - Escape Club 2. Bust a Move - Young MC 3. Can you feel it - MJ and the Jacksons 4. Kn

    By: penelopepitstop | Creation date: Feb-4-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: music

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    Parabolic Certanty



    Take your pick The Feelies play feelie music! Zydeco plays Zydeco! Jimi, Brian Jones

    By: Inga Binga | Creation date: Feb-2-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: music

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    Handling Mistakes / Breaking Patterns


    (Your Say)

    Insights from driving lessons to my grand kids.

    By: 314159 | Creation date: Feb-2-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Handling Mistakes, Breaking Patterns, Adjusting Courses

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    (Your Say)

    Click here to jump straight to my blog .

    By: john1054 | Creation date: Jan-25-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Blog

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    Anathema Sit



    Views - Reviews - Denunciations

    By: MrPhilby | Creation date: Jan-21-2014 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: politics

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    A certain thought process has been ringing around in my head for a number of years. It has to do with the very nature of reality and understanding as we know it. I don’t accept that many of us b

    By: kevroman | Creation date: Jan-18-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: philosophy

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    Voiced Journey Towards Being - A Very Short Bio


    (Your Say)

    Journey Towards Being

    By: 314159 | Creation date: Jan-18-2014 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Life of Pi, Voice Acting, poetry, internet, evolving social structures

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    The only way out. You can find them everywhere.



    Circles and squares rectangles, triangles a jumble of letters at times just a number. A slot, a knob and peepinghole, it has hinges and can be opened outward and inward. Keyhole.If you cant guess it i

    By: absent85 | Creation date: Jan-14-2014 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: In,Out,Threw,TROLLING,WildGuess