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    November 9th, 2016



    FROM WIRE REPORTS Published: 21 August 2014 11:23 PM Updated: 22 August 2014 12:02 AM WASHINGTON — The Islamic State cannot be defeated unless the United States or its partners take on the Sunni

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    The subjugation of Ukraine goes on living standards in decline, economic te



    The subjugation of Ukraine goes on living standards in decline, economic terrorism? And the brutal crushing of dissent.... Nearly 5 months after the military were given the go ahead by Pr

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    War crimes committed now we must hide....


    (World News)

    Nearly a month of strikes on the Gaza strip has left 2000+ dead and nearly 10,000 injured, over 400 thousand people have fled their homes and urgently need water & medical aid that is 30% of t

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    смрт исламо-фашизму, слобода народу!


    (Religion, History, Other)

    For when Tao is lost, there is love; When love is lost, there is kindness; When kindness is lost, there is justice; And when justice is lost, there is religion. -- lao tze

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    Analysis and other stuff


    (Other Middle East)

    Title says it all!

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    Corrupt America (Occupy TV)



    Corrupt America, a one hour news and commentary show, airs each Thursday on Occupy TV at 7 pm EST (and every third hour from then in rotation) and over that following weekend. After their live rota

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    Ongoing bombardment of Gaza takes its toll on Palestinian citizens


    (Other Middle East)

    After nearly 3 weeks of bombardment from land, air and sea from Israeli forces the US announced it will be topping up munitions for the Israelis, this as war crimes are being committed in front of our

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    Albuquerque Police Controversy


    (Citizen Journalism)

    The City of Albuquerque has been rocked recently by revelations from a Department of Justice Investigation concluding that since 2010 - the department had unconstitutionally killed more than half of t

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    Because we want change in our troubled world


    (Other News)

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    Costa Vessel and other things


    (Other Entertainment)

    By the indifferent.. mean ..and kind comments it is a pleasure to have an outlet for my amateur efforts at video and music making..over the past few years i have come to appreciate the L.L . COMMUNITY

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    In search of...



    I have lost my way, a bit confused. This disorientation has come on like a strong sense of the loss of time mixed with futile rage, despondency is almost a refuge. Still do not know what is the purpo

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    Israel continues strikes on Gaza, death toll rises many women and children


    (Other Middle East)

    In the last number of days many million's of people around the globe have been voicing their anger and disgust at the latest aggression against the Palestinian people by Israel, nearly 7 years int

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    A Message to Humanity



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