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  • an introduction to IJAG

    an introduction to IJAG

    Hello, LiveLeak! I'm just a girl and I've fucking had it up to here. This is my intro video! I hope to have discussions with you guys about lots of different current events and hopefully remind some o

    By: Im Just a Girl | Comments: 297 | Views: 3147 | Votes: 40 | Shared: 7
    Location: United States | Leaked: 4 days ago in Citizen Journalism, Your Say

  • Ecocide - A Crime Against Peace? - WTF? Tree Hugger Extremist?

    Ecocide - A Crime Against Peace? - WTF? Tree Hugger Extremist?

    ‘This is Ecocide’ is a new campaign launched by environmentalists in an attempt to make certain actions punishable through prosecution. The main drive of the campaign is the push and implementatio

    By: star53 | Comments: 6 | Views: 7115 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 1
    Leaked: May-11-2010 in Other

  • All Things are Connected

    All Things are Connected

    While our ethical traditions know how to deal with homicide and even genocide, these traditions collapse entirely when confronted with ecocide and biocide. Today we live in an ethically confusing a

    By: BSG | Comments: 10 | Views: 817 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Aug-24-2013 in Nature, History, Other

  • Lords of Palestine

    Lords of Palestine

    I found this article at the below site, with a historical list of the Rulers of the Land we now know as Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. The thing that interested me

    By: sydney_73 | Comments: 16 | Views: 10419 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Apr-21-2008 in Other