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  • Boats nearly capsize crossing the Greymouth Bar

    Boats nearly capsize crossing the Greymouth Bar

    Two fishing boats from Riverton battle their way through and over the Greymouth Bar after the river was flooded from heavy rains which had hit the area over the previous 24 hours. The bar is one of t

    By: NewZcam | Comments: 31 | Views: 2303 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 2
    Location: Greymouth, NZ, New Zealand | Leaked: Jan-6-2013 in Other

  • Crazy Fiery Motorcycle Crash!

    Crazy Fiery Motorcycle Crash!



    Greymouth Street Race. October 2013. "Accident occurred in last lap of F3 race one. Ducati rider highsided in front of me and my bike (Yamaha R6 converted to 3 cylinder 450cc) collided with his. Fuel

    By: GIXXARDR | Comments: 283 | Views: 96916 | Votes: 65 | Shared: 0
    Location: Greymouth, Wellington, New Zealand | Leaked: Oct-29-2013 in WTF, Sports, Vehicles

  • Just another day at the Office

    Just another day at the Office

    don't drop that stubbie

    By: Shrek44 | Comments: 19 | Views: 5468 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Jan-20-2011 in News, Arts and Entertainment, Other

  • Street Race Motorbike Crash/Explosion

    Street Race Motorbike Crash/Explosion



    Watch this intense moment caught on film by motorcycle racer Graham Boyd. At last weeks 2013 Greymouth street race, Graham Boyd was coming around a turn in the last lap of F3 race one, when a Ducati m

    By: Fncs77 | Comments: 6 | Views: 6736 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 28
    Leaked: Nov-11-2013 in Other

  • tuna anyone ?

    tuna anyone ?

    Mornington Peninsula fisherman Paul Worsteling lured a monster bluefin tuna 50km off the coast of Greymouth, New Zealand. It took two hours and 58kg of tackle to land the 2.7m beast, estimated to w

    By: dr tipple | Comments: 26 | Views: 6028 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 965
    Location: New Zealand | Leaked: Sep-6-2012 in WTF

  • Fishermen caught in perilous waters, 'No Sound'

    Fishermen caught in perilous waters, 'No Sound'

    New Zealand fishing boats are caught in dangerous currents while trying to enter the port of Greymouth.

    By: biggles9 | Comments: 3 | Views: 7785 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Jan-19-2011 in News

  • Kiwi man robbed bank using undie mask

    Kiwi man robbed bank using undie mask

    A NEW Zealand man wore underwear on his head as a disguise to rob a bank where he was a regular customer. Police used road spikes to halt the high-speed getaway of 59-year-old Kevin Williams, who l

    By: smeblee | Comments: 41 | Views: 9895 | Votes: 0 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Aug-24-2007 in News