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  • GOERING'S CAR - 16/03/1953

    GOERING'S CAR - 16/03/1953



    Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Various shots of the Mercedes car that once belonged to Hermann Goering being driven along a country road. It goes into the drive of 'New Lodge' and parks beside a row of

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  • COMMANDOS RAID NORWAY - 05/01/1942

    COMMANDOS RAID NORWAY - 05/01/1942

    Lengthy titles explain that in view of the frequency and increasing importance of British raids on Norway, we are about to see a complete reel of the Commandos' raid on Vaagso and Maaloy. The pictoria

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  • WWII: RAF Strategic Bombing Over Germany

    WWII: RAF Strategic Bombing Over Germany



    "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." Winston Churchill. My respect to the men of the RAF during WWII.

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  • Churchill Says US Atomic bomb was deterrent

    Churchill Says US Atomic bomb was deterrent

    Winston Churchill say that the Atomic Bomb in the hands of the United States was a deterrent which kept democracy safe .

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  • Top 5 Political quotes (in my opinion)

    Top 5 Political quotes (in my opinion)

    'When the rich plunder the poor of his rights, it becomes an example of the poor to plunder the rich of his property, for the rights of the one are as much property to him as wealth is property to the

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  • Was Churchill a war criminal?

    Was Churchill a war criminal?

    Ophir Falk reviews misperceptions, flawed findings of Goldstone Report on Gaza War Ophir Falk Published: 10.17.09, 14:01 / Israel Opinion After London was relentlessly bombed during the days a

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  • Family Fury At BNP's Use Of Churchill's Image

    Family Fury At BNP's Use Of Churchill's Image

    The family of Winston Churchill is "offended and disgusted" that the BNP have used his image in a party election broadcast. Pictures of the wartime leader and archive footage from the Second World

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    PRESIDENT Obama's forays into history, especially Eu ropean history, are interest ing but not always accurate. Who can forget his description during the presidential campaign of African-American GIs l

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  • Amazing Catch!!

    Amazing Catch!!



    During Saturday's game between Morgan State and Winston-Salem State, Morgan State wide receiver Edwin Baptiste made one of the greatest pass catches ever caught on tape. WGHP sports anchor Danny Ha

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  • The Move "1984" by George Orwell

    The Move "1984" by George Orwell

    Commentary then Winston getting tortured by O'Brian

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  • Flinstones selling cigarettes (old commercial)

    Flinstones selling cigarettes (old commercial)

    Well the commercial speaks for itself. But its interesting to see to what lengths the cigarette industry went back then, since Winston was a children cartoon show.

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  • The Flintstones Smoking

    The Flintstones Smoking

    This is a commercial depicting The Flintsones promoting the cigarrettes Winston. Este es un anuncio publicitario mostrando a Pedro y Pablo de Los Picapiedra anunciando la marca de cigarrillos

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