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  • Sumo Wrestlers Sprint Down Race Track

    Sumo Wrestlers Sprint Down Race Track

    Sumo wrestlers are famous for their strength, skill and stamina and many other attributes that are instrumental for success in Japan’s national sport. What wrestlers are not always known for is thei

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    Leaked: Oct-22-2015 in Other Entertainment

  • Japan to submit for FAO heritage list

    Japan to submit for FAO heritage list

    Japan has selected 3 candidate sites for recognition by a UN body as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. They include the upper and middle reaches of the Nagara River in Gifu Prefe

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    Location: Japan | Leaked: Oct-21-2014 in Other News

  • Japanese slaughter dolphins!

    Japanese slaughter dolphins!

    TAIJI, Japan: Japanese fishermen drove a large group of dolphins into the shallows and killed at least 30 on Tuesday, hiding themselves behind a tarpaulin, as the annual dolphin hunt that sparked prot

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    Location: Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan | Leaked: Jan-21-2014 in Other News

  • Accident in breakwater.

    Accident in breakwater.

    Two people are rescued, and one person is missing. It is an accident in Japan Wakayama Prefecture Kada.

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    Leaked: Nov-10-2007 in Arts and Entertainment