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  • Diamond hill

    Diamond hill

    It never gets old, but it does get easier, Every single time i get up there I feel a little bit younger. 53°33'7.14"N 9°57'4.82"W Open all year round. we found one other set of foo

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  • Connemara Ireland

    Connemara Ireland

    I took a break from it all.. some views of a place you must visit some day. some say the air is different there time goes slower there or somehow you travel through more of it A holiday

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  • The weekend the car blew up

    The weekend the car blew up

    I know I'm always on here giving out, but really if I didn't give out here I'd be smoking cigarettes.. Liveleakers.. good and bad, I enjoy you all very much. I've decided to make a few en

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    Location: Carna, Galway, Ireland | Leaked: Jan-26-2009 in Your Say, Creative

  • Huge Atlantic storm - 7 HD photos

    Huge Atlantic storm - 7 HD photos

    Some of you had asked to see more of Ireland I headed west towards the great atlantic Ocean. They used to think this was the edge of the world. It certainly feels like it. We hiked for an hou

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    Location: Clifden, Galway, Ireland | Leaked: Jan-11-2009 in Creative, Other

  • 4,500-year-old boat among Viking artifacts hoard discovered in Galway

    4,500-year-old boat among Viking artifacts hoard discovered in Galway

    Twelve boats, dating from 2,500 BC to the 11th century AD, along with other Viking artifacts have been discovered in Lough Corrib in Connemara, County Galway. Archaeologists have used radiocarb

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    Irish president Michael D Higgins led tributes to the actor talking of the "unsurpassed grace" he brought to every performance. Actor Peter O'Toole, who shot to fame in the Oscar-winning epic

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