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    • BBC Horizon did a documentary called "Horizon Special 2011 Japan Earthquake" and another one called "Japan Tsunami how it happened".

      I'm sure you guys can find it and watch it online, really interesting and educational.

      Posted Apr-22-2011 By 

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    • Check out an amazing Google Earth KML with the exact locations of 100's of the 2011 tsunami videos, photos and stories embedded, including the majority of those in THIS channel:­­­­tsunami2011/

      Posted Dec-13-2011 By 

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    • Was there an earthquake in Japan?

      Posted Apr-23-2012 By 

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    • This is payback for these people who still believe their government that says the Japanese soldiers never committed all those atrocities in WWll. That those women they massacred and tortured were all prostitutes. Screw you, japan.

      Posted Aug-1-2014 By 

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      • Comment of user 'knoodle' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!

    • twas fun to erase 19,000 japs, more on the way :-)

      KING HAZeus AKBAR!!!!!!!!

      Uranus Bless America.

      Posted Feb-21-2016 By 

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