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    • One fucking stupid Islamic Bastard or bitch killing the other. I see no problem here, hope you get your act together and start killing yourselves by the millions. Act like you know what your doing before I enslave your sorry ass. MA HAM Mad, pork eating goat fucking allah cocksucking bastard.

      Posted Sep-30-2012 By 

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    • Thanks for this channel now a propaganda poster who is incharge of the other Yemeni channel cannot block comments and subvert freedom of expression here,

      Posted May-24-2012 By 

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    • LiveLeak has fucking sold out, bullshit russian igor paint thinner drinking god damn Ruptley shit features and not to mention the ever popular PissTV iranian shit dick generic cloned missile reports from some lesbian lady who looks like a giant half-indian nigg3r penis. You fucking British pussy's who are slaves to muslims in your own country should pay me to post here. LiveLeak lost its' balls. You need people like me.

      Fucking sellouts, hayden you are a homo. Get your fucking balls back and More..

      Posted May-28-2014 By 

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