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    • Russian Justice
      People occasionally ask me what history book they should read in order to increase their knowledge of Russia's past, and my reply is always, "NONE!" If you wish to understand Russian history
      What is Political Correctness?
      Political correctness is a compound term that gets thrown around a lot nowadays, usually by those opposed to a discourse which avoids addressing socio-political issues deemed to be of a pressing natur
      Shia Good, Sunni Bad?
      A regrettable misconception currently in vogue amongst many who claim to understand the Islamic world is that the Shias are somehow more liberal than the Sunnis. Such a manner of viewing things seems
      Are Russians Racists?
      "Avoid the faults of your nation." This is a dictum of Balthasar Gracian. No nation is unblemished and Russia is no exception to this rule. Very few nations surpass the Russians when it come
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    • 6 BEST ANTHEMS (poll)

      6 BEST ANTHEMS (poll)

      My ranking is as follows: 1) Russia 2) Germany 3) Iraq 4) India 5) China 6) Italy VIDEO 1: Russia VIDEO 2: India-Germany VIDEO 3: Iraq VIDEO 4: China VIDEO 5: Italy VIDEO 6: Iraq

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    • German Social Criticism

      German Social Criticism

      My favourite German band of all time is the Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, better known as DAF (from West Germany). This song hails from the early 80s when the Western worldview was significantl

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    • Adolf is Back

      Adolf is Back

      Foolproof sales strategy in Asia.

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    • Last Soviet Triumph

      Last Soviet Triumph


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    • Putin visits Mosque

      Putin visits Mosque

      Russia is at least 200 years ahead of the West when it comes to multiculturalism. Whereas the taunting of Muslim immigrants is the pastime populist parties in the West, the Kremlin funds the building

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    • The Arabs and I

      The Arabs and I

      For a Free Palestine The time will come when my only incentive for returning to the West will be to spy on the bastards. Even so, there will always be a special place in my heart for my German, S

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