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  • Blog 'Mount Everest 2013/2014'
    Added: Jul-13-2013 By: CatEatDog

    Camp 1, Mount Everest. Elevation is 19,900 ft (6065m).

    Primary threat is mental instability. Another threat is vitamin D deficiency. Its effects are more intense at altitude. I also have some extreme triglyceride issues that are a time bomb. Need to get on "statin" drugs to fight that. It's not like my father and grandfather didn't both die, a few years older than I am now, from heart disease.

    April 1 to typically May 21
    However, we will stay as long as needed to get the job done and as long as the ice-fall remains open.

    COST: All inclusive from Kathmandu (Start date to be in Kathmandu March 30)

    $40,000.00US 1:1 Sherpa Guide : climber

    $48,500.00US 1:1 Sherpa Guide : climber "plus" 1:6 Mountain Guide Leadership

    $53,500.00US 2:1 Personal Sherpa & Sherpa guide : climber "plus" 1:6 Mountain Guide leadership.

    Inquire: 2:1 Private Guide/Sherpa Guide : Climber

    *** I am not on Mount Everest ***
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