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    • Hey !! Hey you ....yes you ....go fuck yourself !!!!

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    • I hope you're only trolling and not actually as stupid as you appear to be.

      Posted Sep-10-2012 By 

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    • You are dumbass of dumbasses. It's unbelievable that retards like you exist in this world.

      Posted Aug-27-2012 By 

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    • full blown retard spotted!!!

      Posted Sep-13-2012 By 

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    • Just wondering if Silentscoper,FlREF0X and Juror No 8 are all your accounts? I just can't believe three people in one place could be that moronic and stupid.

      Posted Aug-14-2012 By 

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    • Please die you dumb ignorant fat American!

      Posted Oct-1-2012 By 

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    • YOur comments crack me up

      Posted Aug-2-2012 By 

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    • I feel bad for you, harboring all that hate. You must have been robbed of a happy childhood. I'm here if you need to talk.

      Posted Aug-3-2013 By 

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    • Cockjockey

      Posted Feb-13-2013 By 

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    • fucking IDIOT!!

      Posted Apr-12-2013 By 

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    • Seig Heil Bro :)

      Posted May-22-2013 By 

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      Posted Jul-1-2013 By 

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    • I love the God fearers - they are so blinkered and brainwashed it defies belief.
      Get wise FIREFOX, you have one chance at life and to let a story rule it for you is a sorry tale... Don't get me wrong, the Bible is an excellent book that sets a righteous path, but NEVER let it preside over what is truth, that there is no such thing as a God. Many people like you need to believe that there is something beyond this. I wish you luck in your life, but I'm sorry to say that your prayer will not help More..

      Posted Sep-7-2013 By 

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      • @javv5¬†In the end..what do believers lose if they are wrong..Nothing. But what do unbelievers lose if they are wrong..Everything.
        Try to live life well, be kind and gentle when you can, and search for the truth. While the concept of a creator God may be hard for some people to understand...the idea that the universe just sprang into being on its own is even more so.

        Posted Apr-5-2014 By 

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      • @dusselkamp¬†
        And how did God come to be? Did he just spring into being?

        Posted Jun-11-2014 By 

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      • @madmax1854¬†Most religions believe that God is Eternal. Some that have 'gods' don't. Depends on your faith preference. Its a fair question and knowledge must always be sought..yet those who use such questions to blind themselves to the idea of something greater have hardened their heart. But typically there is the idea that 'God' or whatever powerful being that we call that is Eternal and was not created..for how can the Creator have been created. Most scientists say the universe is consta More..

        Posted Jun-13-2014 By 

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      • @dusselkamp¬†
        That's funny, I've never thought of using questions and curiosity as a way of blinding myself.

        Posted Jun-13-2014 By 

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      • @madmax1854¬†I don't know your intention behind such a question whether it was bait or just honest curiosity for another point of view..thats why I was careful to word it in such a way that didn't directly accuse you of anything..only those that used the questions in a certain way. ;)

        Posted Jun-14-2014 By 

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    • I never forget

      Posted Sep-6-2013 By 

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    • Istanbul will keep its name as same but your mom will remain hungy for a DICK.

      Posted Jan-23-2013 By 

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    • peace my brother,,

      Posted Feb-8-2013 By 

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    • Thank you for that + Thumb Mate, have some your self!

      Posted Apr-20-2013 By 

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    • @drewbehr My brother lives off of delivery pizza, and he NEVER tips them one cent. But he will explain to them how he spent $20 on a piece of bread with some sauce and cheese on it, and paid a delivery fee. Asking for an additional tip is outrageous. If the employee is upset about it he will tell them their anger should be towards the person who they work for, who is exploiting them with such a pathetic wage.

      Stop spreading this nonsense and giving other people bad ideas, some of us are act More..

      Posted May-22-2013 By 

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      • @ucantbeserious Ha, your brother is eating dick every time he orders pizza. That pizza rides alone in a car with someone who spent their own money on gas to deliver something he could have picked up if he didn't want to contribute. I worked at a pizza place while i was in college. I can tell you for 100% sure, jokes on you.

        Posted May-31-2013 By 

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    • I like your view of things, subscribed :)

      Posted Jul-27-2013 By 

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      • @Al-Awlaki¬†
        Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." ~ Matthew 22:35-40

        Posted Aug-19-2013 By 

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      • @Al-Awlaki¬†Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

        Posted Aug-21-2013 By 

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    • And your blocked!

      Posted May-1-2013 By 

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      • @Gobshite¬†"You are" is not "your" when contracted.
        The proper form is "You're"
        Usually individuals that struggle with proper grammer do so because they were repeatedly anally raped by their uncle who was sent to tutor them.

        I am sorry for your forced anal conversion to homosexuality.

        Posted Oct-22-2014 By 

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