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    • Loving Wife's Farewell Tribute to our Friend Gixxardr
      It is with a heavy heart that Chris's wife wishes to inform the LiveLeak community of her husbands passing. Graciously providing this lovely Memorial Tribute, she describes as, "Our love, our lif
      A cruise with GIXXARDR in da hood...
      I needed an excuse to test out the GoPro and get some editing practice before heading to Italy in May, so you guys are my guinea pigs. Please don't whinge about my choice of music, you can't keep ever
      Don't underestimate a Prius driver...
      Beach bum gets knocked the f@#k out!! From the source "I was on my way to work when I noticed these guys talking shit to each other. A bum that likes to hang out in front of my local 7eleven was
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