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    Added: Jan-4-2013 By: Grim T


    What would happend if FSA win?

    Entry Added: Jan-19-2013 By: Grim T

    What would happened if FSA win?
    Alawites and Christians will be slaughtered and decimated. There are historical examples in the region. The Turks committed genocide and ethnic cleansing of Greeks and Armenians during and after the WWI. Al Qaeda and their friends ethnically cleansed Christians in Iraq after the fall off Baathist regime. The moment pro government forces lay down their arms, they and their families will be slaughtered.

    Would anyone in the international community be able to protect them?
    Impossible. The best example is Iraq. In Iraq over 100,000 coalition forces was unable to protect Iraq Christians who were slaughtered and decimated by Al Qaeda and their friends. It will sounds weird for many, but they were actually more safe under the Baathist regime than they were under the so-called democrats.

    Why there are so many quiet and pro government Sunnis in Damascus?
    They know that there are many extremists, killers and butchers among the FSA militants, which are much worse than the current regime. And even if they don't like the government, they do not want FSA militants to turn their homes into ruins.

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