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    • Hope they were able to ferry all the victims to hospital.

      Posted Jan-13-2013 By 

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    • Liveleak thought this was going to be a much bigger deal than it was.

      Posted Feb-2-2013 By 

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    • what a terrible disaster, people have suffered because of this accident. The authorities must respond and take all measures to save the lives of those who survived.
      Moto rider

      Posted Jan-13-2013 By 

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    • WTF?
      Accident Ford Mustang 2 Fatalities - Aftermath
      Accident Ford Mustang 2 Fatalities - Aftermath
      Why would you post this same video from 2 different identities?

      Posted Apr-3-2015 By 

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    • Time to change the channel.

      Posted Jun-23-2015 By 

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    • YoutubeERs
      New updated user names

      Drivers Accident
      Crow Two Know
      https://www. More..

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