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    Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

    Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

    More on "citizenship".

    Entry Added: 1 day ago By: LL_Hayden

    While I work out some more details before throwing it open for input I thought it would be cool to address a couple of concerns I've seen regarding our idea. You see, the hope for this is that it adds to the site and improves the experience overall. If it ever looks like it will do the opposite I can assure you we'll either modify or can it without hesitation. Anyway, let's take a look at a couple of the concerns folks have.

    1) I don't want to join anything. I just want to watch videos.

    Your user experience on LL shouldn't change in the least. Like any feature we add we do our best to make them optional and not mandatory. The core of the site should always be solid and always will. If you come here to upload or watch and don't want any more involvement than that then nothing should appear any different to you.

    2) It will encourage cliques and in fighting between 'factions'

    Possibly this could be the case, but how would that be any different to now? Hopefully if people buy into this and it's successful then abuse of this system by infighting or victimising others will result in those concerned being taken out of "office". And nobody wants to be that kind of a failure, surely?

    3) Smells like role playing.

    Some folks may get more seriously into it than others and it could be it develops into a system with "areas" to represent geographical places in the LiveLeak universe. It could also be it stays a very simple system which helps with member representation. As long as it isn't detrimental to the site or its members then no harm can come of it.

    4) What if I don't like choices people vote for?

    Remember, nothing can or will be allowed to alter the core experience. Beyond that, much like real life, you will have a voice and it's up to you how you use it.

    I'll address any more as they pop up. I'll also be posting some ideas for you guys to mull over fairly soon.

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    LiveLeak citizenship anybody?

    Entry Added: 8 days ago By: LL_Hayden

    There's no getting away from the fact that LiveLeak is growing ever larger and attracting more people. New memberships are growing almost exponentially and this means more voices and more demands on our time. Now, this is all pretty cool but it also means we end up not being as plugged in to the community as we like to be. Here on LL we don't always follow the path laid down by other sites, we prefer to do things our own way and this situation has gotten us thinking. What if, instead of becoming slowly more disassociated from the community, we got all pro-active and tried to give the community not only easier ways of conveying their ideas or complaints but also gave people a little more power over the future of LL?

    Don't get me wrong, LiveLeak isn't about to become a democracy but that doesn't mean we can't be a little more democratic. What follows is just a suggestion, the rough outline of an idea, but if you guys think it's a winner we'll run with it as far as it goes. So what's this idea? Read on!

    Many years ago there was a stalled project on the forums called “LiveLeakia”. This was to be an essentially autonomous area of the site run by the members using a form of government to do so. Sadly, and despite the massive amount of work put in by some members, it didn't happen. Now, I'm not suggesting anything quite that complex here (at least at the outset) but perhaps there are elements we can use.Imagine our large and diverse community was a country.

    You could draw states along the lines of the micro communities already present on LiveLeak or they could be along political / ideological lines. Each state would need elected representation to put forward ideas, and also complaints, from their constituents. We'd be willing to be more democratic in our outlook and hopefully this would pave the way for a pretty original society on a large site.

    Remember, I'm not actually talking about play acting government here. Just using aspects of politics which actually ARE for the benefit of “the people” rather than anything else. Let me know your thoughts and we can delve deeper into the rabbit hole on this one. Of course I also realise this might be a complete non-starter or might fall at the first hurdle but that's part of the fun I guess.
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    R.I.P LiveLeak

    Entry Added: Apr-6-2014 By: LL_Hayden

    I remember when we opened in 2006. People told us it would never work, it was just a Youtube ripoff, it will die. We were told to mark their words. In 2007 we opened the YourSay section, people went berserk. How dare we turn this site into YouTube. It'll be the death of the site. We were told to mark their words. When we had our first face lift not too long after we were told it was the death of the site, we were told to get the rest. When we went over to version 2.0 people really did hit the roof. This was definitely a huge mistake and LL would die. It didn't die. Hayden killed LL, the mods killed LL, gardensays killed LL. Closing the old text chatroom? That totally killed LL. In fact everything we do is overwhelmingly negative and kills the site stone dead. Clearly we must hate LL to keep killing it. BUT THE BASTARD WON'T DIE!

    Is this me patting myself and the guys on the back because we get everything right? Fuck no. We've made a ton of errors along the way mostly because we believe a good idea should be tried out and then given time to breath. We've been very fortunate in a great many respects because over time most of the features people hated (Thumbs, voting, channels instead of groups, new video players, voice chat, forums (oh boy they HATED that!) have become staples of the site that if we were to remove people would be horrified.

    So to YourSay. Yes, that section was roundly hated back when it started up but we believed in it. We believed that given time, in the face of derision and hate, it would be the place a small, core community would be created. It's no secret that we're pushing further and further into the original content side of things and increasing interaction. We aren't going to stop doing what we do already but there are still so many wonderful things we believe LL is capable of. So, with one eye on the future we listened for several months (actually a year or two come to think on it) about the grumbles regarding YourSay.

    We've always kept a slightly hands off policy about that section overall, allowing the members to decide where it was going. One of the main issues here was many members took it on themselves to tell others what was acceptable and this causes bickering and all the rest. So we took the decision to split the section off. You can read all about the guidelines in the respective sections so I won't go into that again. But we believe this plays more into our ultimate goals regarding original content and the community. LiveLeakers isn't some kind of ginger stepson as it already gets almost as much traffic as YourSay and that can only improve. Both are a part of the Community section anyway which might give you a hint as to a possible future.

    Thing is, we can't grow it if people don't use it. I'm not telling you guys to post more, post less, or anything like that. But I am saying change is inevitable and we have every faith this is in the best interests of LL. Why would we do anything that isn't?


    P.S. For the record, the site actually hasn't died yet. It's enjoyed a continual growth over the years which carries on today although we've had a marked increase in uploads, commenting, and time spent on the site over the last couple of years.
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