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    Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

    Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

    Graphic media. What's acceptable and what isn't.

    Entry Added: Aug-25-2014 By: LL_Hayden

    The latest situation has raised a lot of questions regarding graphic media in general. It seems a lot of people aren't familiar with what is acceptable and what isn't when it comes to videos showing stronger material. Often this leads to complaints of censorship or favouritism but in truth we've never approved all graphic media on LiveLeak.

    Let's use Syria as an example. We agree that it's important to document events no matter how grotesque. Many people were sold the idea in the West that there was a popular uprising of well meaning citizens fighting a dictator. Through the media that was shared outside of the mainstream we quickly learned there were no good guys in that conflict at all with both sides carrying out the most horrific atrocities. Much the same could be said about IS videos as at one point they were the "moderate jihadists" our countries were supporting and arming.

    The important wording here is "document". As I pointed out we have never approved all graphic media which is uploaded and here's the key reason why. Information.

    If you post a video title "Man is beheaded" and there's a beheading video with no more information it will be rejected. If you post a selection of images of someone who's been run over by a truck with nothing else included and no reason to post beyond the fact the images are gory they will be rejected. The reason is, this isn't a gore site.

    Every graphic video is treated on a case by case basis. What information is there, does this add to anything, is this documentation or simply sharing something "gross"?

    Why do we do this? Well, LiveLeak isn't a gore site. The idea behind LL was not to simply have a vehicle for gory images or videos and it has never been the case. Doubtless if you dig you'll find examples of something that has fallen through the cracks but for the most part posts require a certain value. There is no envelope to be pushed with gore anymore but if you want to do that there are certainly many sites out there for that purpose. We'd prefer not to see LL devastated by porn advertising, porn pop ups, and pay per view fake rape videos. We like to think you wouldn't be keen on that either. But if we just posted random gore all the time that's where we'd end up.

    Just work with us. If you believe it's important to document certain events for whatever reason do some research and document it. Make a statement and don't just upload something because you can see the contents of someone's stomach on the floor. We're not saying be a news organisation on your own but try to add to the conversation. Many people already do this including people who live in areas experiencing terrible conflicts. We'd like to keep providing this service.

    Check it isn't a repost.

    Stop and think if it adds anything to the conversation


    If you comply with those and it's still rejected then by all means get in touch and we can look at it again. But if you're just posting gory stuff for the sake of gore then chances are we simply won't accept it. Remember, this is nothing new I just wanted to clear it up for some folks.
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    Media Partnerships continued...

    Entry Added: Aug-15-2014 By: LL_Hayden

    I guess we have to go over this again seeing as the rumour mill is in full swing. Lately I've been told we have been bought by RT, which was news to me. And that any anti-Russian commentary can get you banned. Given my personal views on Putin which I have voiced on several occasions you might wonder why I'm still here myself.

    Our latest media partnership was with EuroNews. They're pretty big. They didn't buy us either. I've also noticed nobody claiming they run the site and anyone speaking out gets banned. It's quite interesting how a media partnership with a company you have no issues with is somehow less sinister than a media partnership with an outlet you don't like.

    We'll keep adding media partners as we see fit. From big companies down to tiny independents. As far as I'm concerned it's all media and if I find editorial content in there which I don't like I simply won't watch it or I'll comment on the fact.

    I understand people adding up two plus two and getting six then telling me I'm wrong when I suggest the answer probably should be four. I understand the need for some people to validate their opinion by assuming there must be a conspiracy against it. I do understand, but that understanding doesn't mean I don't wonder how in the hell you come up with some of this crap and then post it as being an absolute fact when it clearly isn't and there's no other evidence to the contrary.

    Are there "sockpuppet" accounts? I don't know for sure, I did check a list recently from a member who drew up all the accounts he decided were Russian influenced. Most of them were North American so I guess the Russian government is hiring in your neighbourhood! Thing is, if I can't prove it neither can you. You can assume some people are "sockpuppets" but it's gotten to the point that nobody can have a different opinion to anyone else without there being some shady government involvement. That's truly paranoid behaviour, folks.

    In closing, nothing I say will convince you otherwise so I guess you'll just have to see how things go. I don't doubt for a moment that once the whole Ukraine / Russia deal quietens down some of you can go back to accusing us of selling out to Israel / The CIA / MI6 / Saudi Arabia and apparently Google as has been claimed in the past.

    That's pretty much all I have to say on this for now. There are far more interesting and exciting things coming up for LL and handling paranoia isn't one of them. Just enjoy the site, guys. Argue over issues, agree, disagree, do all that good stuff but chill out on the crazy stuff, it's all sounding a bit Infowars with every damn thing becoming some kind of conspiracy.
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    Just calm down and take a deep breath.

    Entry Added: Jul-15-2014 By: LL_Hayden

    We realise that with the Israel / Palestine conflict we're going to see an increase in tensions here on LL and it's something we've seen before. Recently it was all over Syria but whenever these two go at it then things get a little more tense.

    We get two kinds of complaints when this happens. The first is that we're obviously a pro-Zionist organisation. The second is that we protect Muslims because we're all Euro dhimmi scum. Oddly enough the language used is near identical.

    "You gave me an infraction just for telling the truth!!!". When you check the comment you tend to find they got an infraction for breaking the rules, however this is ignored by the poster who is often determined that it's because of their ground breaking opinion being so abrasive to our pro Jewish / Muslim mods.

    "You feature a video of X but not my video which doesn't have anything going on, repeats the same thing heard on dozens of other videos, and often hints at an underlying theme. You are SO biased". Yes, we are biased. We try to use the front page as a shop window, not as a place to post 20 minutes of dull rhetoric repeated ad infinitum.

    LiveLeak is NOT a political vehicle, it's a vehicle. As individuals I'm sure we're as biased as the next person but as an organisation we - unlike you - believe passionately in not allowing bias to harm our site leaving you free to be as biased as you like.

    Doubtless some of you - many of whom have already sent me private messages - will be sat there thinking it's all bullshit but why would you think differently. You don't want us to be unbiased, you want us to support YOUR bias, something that is patently obvious given the nature of many communications.

    If we're so biased why do we allow PressTV to post here? Ruptly? Several US and UK outlets? Euronews? Why do we allow YOU to post on LiveLeak and not simply vanish your account? Why not do us all a favour and continue to support whichever "team" you like and leave us to run a website without your rampant paranoia eating into our day? We'll all be happier, after all.
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