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    • Any leads on where you found that avatar? :D

      Posted Feb-24-2014 By 

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    • Sub-Troll, Dilly-Dipshit ALERT!

      Posted Jan-6-2015 By 

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    • You're the one obsessing over it and playing
      "simply a comment section" NAZI.

      You're obviously too God damned dense
      to notice the appropriateness of
      taking your own advise.

      And speaking of God damned dense,
      you're the one who shall perish in flames...
      ...not me.

      And -- the physician who developed
      the world standard for dealing with
      enlarged hearts used my agency to
      publish his last three medical
      books...does that count!?!!

      And my cousin who's an Eagle Dr More..

      Posted Jan-7-2015 By 

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