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    • @bombkok In Texas, if you are stopped on the street by law enforcement, you are not required to show id. Except, unless you are under arrest you are required to give name, address and age only. Not all states are the same. You need to get your facts straight before name calling like a school punk. I have several friends in state law enforcement that can revise your expertise son. Although I would have no problem giving my ID to any officer, if you don't you are asking for more of a hassle than i More..

      Posted Jul-11-2013 By 

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    • This guys is rationalizing fucking animals...


      Not that I would be interested, but I see no reason whatsoever why bestiality should be forbidden or punished if no animal cruelty is involved.

      People use animals all the time for work, for fun, for food, for science. Using them for sexual pleasure is not worse in any way.

      Posted 1 day ago By Pratt (42.60)

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      Then he said he only fucks dogs... WTF

      Posted Dec-5-2013 By 

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