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    • The Baghdad Iraq Spiral Approach

      The Baghdad Iraq Spiral Approach



      Text from source "This was a spiral down approach into Baghdad Iraq with my first officer & Safety Officer. First Officer is under line training. This is from 2008. Iraq Airlines still uses t

      By: RebbecaBlackFan | Comments: 58 | Views: 39349 | Votes: 10 | Shared: 180
      Location: Iraq | Leaked: Aug-4-2011 in Iraq

    • Confusing Aircraft Accident?? (WARNING GRAPHIC)

      Confusing Aircraft Accident?? (WARNING GRAPHIC)

      I came across these on the inter webs but there was no info with them. Can anyone explain what the hell happened?

      By: RebbecaBlackFan | Comments: 132 | Views: 48891 | Votes: 5 | Shared: 123
      Leaked: Aug-4-2011 in Other

    • 727 Combat Takeoff

      727 Combat Takeoff



      This is a DHL 727 doing a low takeoff in Iraq. They have to do this every time to avoid ground fire.As they fly low, they gain´╗┐ airspeed. If they stay low and fast it's harder to shoot down because

      By: RebbecaBlackFan | Comments: 83 | Views: 56504 | Votes: 11 | Shared: 7
      Location: Iraq | Leaked: Aug-3-2011 in Iraq

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