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    Added: Aug-29-2016 By: RickBond

    Merry Christmas!

    Entry Added: Dec-23-2016 By: RickBond

    To my friends on LiveLeak:
    Thank you so much for your holiday wishes. I have read and cherished each message you've left for me. We have some outstanding citizens on LL and I appreciate the interactions I've been priviledged to have with you this year.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to reciprocate soon. I've had some issues that very suddenly and unexpectedly changed my focus and my schedule. I shall be absent from LL for at least a week while I handle a few things.
    I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Be safe, healthy and happy.


    Entry Added: Dec-22-2016 By: RickBond

    EatMeShoise since July 16.
    Thanks to alert member Mootle for letting me know.

    GermGissAlot since September 16.
    His vids of Chef Pasquale (who he says is his dad) cooking up lucuous Italian cuisine have been missed on LiveLeak. Where's Chef Pasquale??
    (Chef Pasquale can still be seen on Youtube)


    Entry Added: Dec-18-2016 By: RickBond

    No-Limits is back with us as of December 17.
    Thanks to alert member No-Limits for letting me know ;)

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