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    Added: Aug-29-2016 By: RickBond


    Entry Added: 2 days ago By: RickBond

    Ricky Vasquez, shortly after announcing a visit from the Secret Service.
    Thanks to alert member Ragingbull83 for noticing.

    Doomsdayishere also deleted, shortly after announcing a death in the family.

    Time Interval and Limit for Comments on Channels - Update #1

    Entry Added: 3 days ago By: RickBond

    Thanks to alert members Ekat and No-Limits for confirming that the per-channel comment limit and time interval is now:
    6 comments per 10-hour intervals

    The time interval was previously less than 10 hours (probably 7 hours) when the 6-comment limit was first imposed on us.

    Steve The Queen is Back With Us

    Entry Added: 6 days ago By: RickBond

    Member Steve The Queen had deleted on September 9 out of certain concerns.
    His account is now restored.
    Thanks to mod Liveleak LLC for your assistance.
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