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    Added: Aug-29-2016 By: RickBond

    Pics in comments - Update #2

    Entry Added: 8 hours ago By: RickBond

    They're back!!
    Thanks to alert member ⑦⑦⑦ for noticing.



    Entry Added: 3 days ago By: RickBond

    SharkBait, since June 26. He has a lot on his plate with health issues and elderly parents.

    BanannaGirl A/K/A Fuchajen, since May 14.

    Benoit Mussolin, since September 1. An unusually long absense for such a normally-active LLer.

    Thanks to alert member EvilScott598 for pointing out that IamCanadian has been missing since July 20.
    Also noted is Wayjj, who has been missing since July 31.

    If anyone has status on these members please give me a shout.


    Entry Added: Sep-19-2016 By: RickBond

    GetReadyforWar. I don't know what happened
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