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    • You my friend are incomprehensibly stupid.

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki SAVED lives, and invasion of Japan would have cost MORE lives you retard.
      The Japanese brought war on THEMSELVES, they refused to recognize the Geneva Convention, THEY murdered MILLIONS across the Pacific including China, Burma, Indochina, the Philippines, etc.

      Take a look at the casualty projection for Operation Olympia (invasion of Japan)

      So by your rationale we should have invaded and had MORE deaths on BOTH sides?


      Posted Sep-11-2008 By 

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    • You must learn Northern England slang for example "Barnsley in Yorkshire or Leeds United F.C is SHITE "

      Posted Oct-24-2008 By 

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      • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool btw this robfox guy is a swedish dude ... so go easy on him ... all he knews is beautiful swedish ladies .... and ooh are they beautiful ... God bless ur county robfox

        Posted Oct-24-2008 By 

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      • @alicrank Fuck man.. You should see Malmoe... Practically downtown Baghdad...

        Posted Feb-18-2014 By 

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    • Is it you R00bis?

      Posted Dec-3-2008 By 

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    • Finns ingen anledning till att du o jag ska vara ovänner på den här siten, du får tycka som du vill och jag som jag vill. OKay? fred mannen.

      Posted Apr-13-2009 By 

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    • Du e smart lillen :)

      Posted Apr-13-2009 By 

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    • rookie :)

      Posted Sep-2-2010 By 

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      Posted Jun-2-2013 By 

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