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    Added: Aug-23-2013 By: Saros

    So yeah I suffer from depression. Have had it on and off all my life but full swing for the last couple years. I used to be big into chicks which is where I got the pic for my background as well as a few others. But the last couple years have gone badly enough that I think I kinda burned that out. I don't have a passion for that anymore which is the last one I had.

    Now I have passion and motivation for NOTHING. So yeah... I find just living to be kind of a challenge even though I should be grateful I'm not living in fucking Syria or some other middle eastern shit hole. We have the NSA and this shit ass government but at least body parts are not getting blown off on a daily basis so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

    A ray of sunshine in a dark world

    Entry Added: 9 days ago By: Saros

    Watts' soliloquy explains why older men fall in love with younger women. Their youth and vitality breathes life into our old bones. We see the world through their eyes and it re-conveys that joy and wonder and frivolous amusement.

    I was involved with a significantly younger woman for a time. I remember standing in a long line for some free strawberry shortbread at an annual town festival. We stood there and she, being a mischievous redhead, eyed everyone around us making snide remarks. I smirked and chuckled and finally said, you know baby, you're right, screw this shit. Next year we'll make our OWN strawberry shortbread, we don't need to stand in line with a bunch of asshats.

    And she goes oh no baby! Its about the EXPERIENCE!

    Hahahahah! She made me laugh so hard. Never mind the asshats, it was an EXPERIENCE to be experienced! LOL!

    I miss her so much. I have been the walking dead since I lost her, and this video hits home. It's time to pass the torch to those who still have life, and love, and hope in their veins.

    And to you my dear...

    Thank you for briefly being a ray of sunshine in my very dark world.

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    Talk about your joys

    Entry Added: Aug-14-2015 By: Saros

    LOL I love this.

    I ain't got none n166@h! Can't post that shit on Facebook where this came from so I have to share it with you fuckers. Fuck yo joy. What joy on this hellscape?

    And why can't I talk about it on Fuckbook? Cos those pissy pussies would just get on my case, oh what's wrong, why are you so negative, think of your family, help the less fortunate.

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    A collection of parting thoughts.

    Entry Added: Aug-6-2015 By: Saros

    Life is defined not by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

    When those moments are over, fuck yo couch n166@h!

    I would rather die free than live caged.
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