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  • Blog 'Crusade against ignorance.'
    Added: Jan-20-2015 By: Stooch

    My purpose on LL is to be the antithesis to dumbass, brainwashed fools. Feel free to leave comments after subscribing. I will delete childish rants but will respond to intelligent posts.

    Generally, stupid people will not be happy with our interactions. To these people I recommend self education.

    You dont like me because I don't like stupid people. Don't shoot the messenger and don't ignore your problem.

    By the way, all religions are the same smell - just from different assholes. Snack bars, jesus christ, santa and allah are all fantasy characters that are used to manipulate weak minded people.

    Children at the age of 8 usually stop believing in Santa. Religious people are simply intellectually retarded due to massive indoctrination efforts through childhood. You may not believe in evolution, but your mind set is on its way to extinction.

    Also, being angry on the internet will only result in stress, which leads to a shortening of your lifespan. So in a sense, my contribution to society is shortening the life spans of stupid people.
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