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    • So, how would the West go about helping to eliminate the islamic fundamentalism that makes peace between the rational muslims and the West (and between rational muslims and wahabbist muslims) impossible? That is the central question for our time, and I have not even the beginnings of an answer short of a huge war, and that is a sorry answer indeed.

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    • Quoted comment by SunniLebanese: You can just as easily make a video like this about Hezbullah and Iran and the rest of those Shiite scum that still think jihad is the only way to force the rest of the world to Islam. I am a Muslim, and I don't care what religion you are. Unfortunately the scum like Hamas and Hezbullah and their support from the blinded masses in our part of the world and the rediculous wanna-be's in Europe in America, feed into this madness.


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    • hello.
      i read your comments and find them interesting.

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    • Love the avatar, mate.

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    • Wow. You are an outstanding person. Thanks for standing up for what is right in your heart. I hope this violence, and tyranny can end. We are all brothers in this garden. I am in dismay of the violence I have witnessed. It saddens me.

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    • Fraud.

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    • Just saw this in the news...............

      Hizbullah Practices Takeover of Lebanon

      Reported:14:30 PM - Nov/01/10
      Follow Israel news briefs on and

      Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar says that the Hizbullah-led opposition recently practiced a simulation of a military takeover of the country in less than two hours, before or after a possible indictment against the organization by the International Court in the Hague for the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri.

      According to the newspape More..

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      • Hey Ahab just because you have a computer doesn't mean that the whole world is your personal Islamic censorship tent. You don't get to tell people what to say or think. And for someone like you to accuse me of propaganda is quite funny indeed. And your cowardly use of the term "Zionist" to conceal your antisemitism when you really mean to say "Jew" only shows what a coward you are. You don't fool me. So don't forget how us here in Israel were able to single out the Hezbollah More..

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      • @ZionistGun

        Empty and baseless threats by a Zionist. People who hate Zionists don't necessarily hate Jews. As for your over confidence in the IDF finishing off Hezbollah, all I would have to say is Goodluck! Your over glorified IDF tried in 2006 and failed, what makes you think round 2 will be any different? "So don't forget how us here in Israel were able to single out the Hezbollah More..part of town for special treatment the last time we paid you "Arab soldiers" a visit.&quo More..

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    • Peace to you. Stay well.

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      • Comment of user 'Muslim_Soldier' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • are sunni lebanese girls hot ?

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    • Hey bro, just wanted to see how things are going...take care..

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    • Hey bro..keep up the good work!

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    • VISTORY TO FSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hey friend! Wanna meet in Starbucks, Hamra?

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    • Whatever happened to " You may come meet me in Beirut any time my friend"?

      Wanna meet or not? Also, I was only cussing Hezbollah in my earlier post on your page. Why did you delete it?

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