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    • Hater tards can go suck some serious dick like you`d probably love to. This swede right here is worth 10 of you fuckin mental midgets. Especially the most hated liveleaker around, Kropman. Being trolled by that worthless piece of shit is a badge of honor! Consider me a friend :) 

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    • rof 0 channel comments, 0 friends, 0 subscribers. you are a sad fuck. i guess people dont want anything to do with trolls like you. Anyway, grats on your first comment in this channel! now, go stick a snus up your arse.

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    • Officially 21% of the population from a foreign background, 14% born abroad altogether, you'd think there would be a civil war, ethnic Swedes v everyone else, but I'll believe it when I see it.

      +1 for you comment. :)

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