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    • Fast & Furious Romanian Style - Entire video

      Fast & Furious Romanian Style - Entire video

      A funny video from Romania :) . The video it is pretty old but I saw just a small part on LL. Here is the entire video :D . BTW : Keep you stupid comments for yourself and think twice before saying

      By: andreysc7 | Comments: 38 | Views: 2464 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 51
      Location: Romania | Leaked: Apr-7-2013 in Other Entertainment

    • Gypsy kid caught stealing

      Gypsy kid caught stealing

      Here is the deal. The scum was caught stealing a bike and the owner (I guess) of the shop saw him. Its a shop with bicycle parts. He locked up that filthy child and here you have the translation :

      By: andreysc7 | Comments: 81 | Views: 3771 | Votes: 3 | Shared: 0
      Location: Romania | Leaked: Jan-29-2013 in WTF

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    • Hi Andrey. Thought I'd make a visit. :) Thanks for the thumbs.

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    • F*cking g*spy : how many times did you come to France to say 25% of the population are aficans (black & muslims)? Haven't you quit school at 10, as many of your kind, so you could learn how to become a super pickpocket?
      You gypsy fucks deserved a dictator as Ceaucescu for centuries. Now that your people got rid of the bloody couple, you came all over Europe to squatt and get all the benefits you could.
      Do you only fucking know where do many of our offenders & inmates come from? Romania More..

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