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  • Dances With Bulls 2
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    • Russian KFC Knockout

      Russian KFC Knockout



      Family guy argues with another man over something, then starts to walk away but some sly remark uttered in departure brings him back to deliver a jaw crushing blow. Wife with 5 year old son ushers him

      By: gubastek | Comments: 410 | Views: 171918 | Votes: 27 | Shared: 141
      Location: Russia | Leaked: Jul-20-2016 in WTF

    • Pistol Whipped For Talking Shit Online

      Pistol Whipped For Talking Shit Online

      Tajik man finds himself in a dangerous situation while being pistol whipped in the back of a car by one very angry Chechen with an itchy trigger finger. Allegedly he posted a video slandering Chechens

      By: gubastek | Comments: 53 | Views: 3525 | Votes: 3 | Shared: 0
      Location: Tajikistan | Leaked: Jun-30-2016 in WTF

    • Chemical Drug Extreme Intoxication

      Chemical Drug Extreme Intoxication



      Police film guy high out of his mind on Butyrate. Hilarious and sad to watch at the same time. More info: Butyrate, depending on the dosage, leads to various negative changes in behavior and consc

      By: gubastek | Comments: 682 | Views: 269381 | Votes: 59 | Shared: 1400
      Location: Russia | Leaked: Feb-19-2016 in WTF

    • Hot Female Cop Abuses Bus Passenger

      Hot Female Cop Abuses Bus Passenger

      Not much background on this one - can someone who speaks Portuguese please translate? She's got a badge and a smoking hot body, if I was him I would cooperate!

      By: gubastek | Comments: 67 | Views: 10857 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 0
      Location: Brazil | Leaked: Dec-1-2015 in WTF

    • POV Police Motorcycle Chase

      POV Police Motorcycle Chase



      Brazil's ROCAM cops chase down 2 robbers through early morning streets of São Paulo. Highway footage sped up from 1:11 to 4:11 to save time - actual chase was about 20 minutes. *Volume Warning*

      By: gubastek | Comments: 284 | Views: 92529 | Votes: 104 | Shared: 321
      Location: São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil | Leaked: Nov-27-2015 in Vehicles