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    Added: Jan-25-2014 By: john1054

    I've changed the format a bit since I don't blog as frequently as I used to. My Primary Blog is now here at the top of the channel.

    My Blog Archive is at the bottom of the channel.


    Entry Added: Dec-12-2014 By: john1054

    I just noticed that shanklinmike quit the site over a year ago. He had been flooding the Yoursay Section with hour-long commentaries about his ideas of peaceful anarchy. Sometimes three videos a day. The mods eventually got tired of it and started sending his videos to the black hole of "Other". I guess he didn't like that.


    Neat Game

    Entry Added: Dec-3-2014 By: john1054

    Called 2048. Available as an iPhone app as well. Rather addictive.



    Entry Added: Dec-2-2014 By: john1054

    AngelDeathCamp, frustrated over troll troubles.

    Hat tip Grace37.

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    • Merry Christmas fellow Hillbilly.

      Posted Dec-18-2010 By 

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    • Welcome to liveleak hillbilly. I've been in your nick of the woods. Ive been all over studying battlefields of the Civil War. I'm retired Army and majored in US Military History. Very nice area around Shiloh. Wife and I rode on the bike there taking back roads from here in Chattanooga. We have very nice Battlefield Parks here in Chattanooga and neighboring Georgia.
      Take care.

      Posted Oct-3-2010 By 

      (15) | Report

      • Thanks. I took some Boyscouts to Chickamauga once for a 20 mile battlefield hike. We did an easy pace and finished in about eight hours. Along the way I told the boys all about the fight there, the role of railroads in concentrating force, the fog of battle, the multiplying effect of the Spencer repeating rifle, and the way grape shot could ruin your whole day.

        At the end of the hike, I asked the boys what they had learned about the Civil War. One boy, nursing a blister, said "If you didn' More..

        Posted Oct-3-2010 By 

        (19) | Report

      • Ha ha ha, Smart kid. He is absofreakinglutely correct.
        Were you here after the Museum was built?
        My favorite place of all the Battlefields is Point Park where the battle above the clouds was fought. Very very interesting history. Atop Lookout Mountain. You can see my property from there! ha ha
        Another place to go if in the Ga. area is Kennesaw, Ga. at the battlefield. It was the site of the last stand before Sherman went into Atlanta. I am a 33 year Army Vet, Command Sgt. Major and cannot imagi More..

        Posted Oct-3-2010 By 

        (15) | Report

      • There are three museums I can think of in that area. One is the visitor center at Chickamauga with the interpretive show, exhibits, and a massive rifle collection. Another is the Park Service museum outside of Point Park. I remember they had a giant painting of the Battle of Lookout Mountain there. I also remember a place they called "Confederama" that had lights turning on and off on a giant terrain table illustrating the different engagements at the Seige of Chattanooga.

        Sometimes More..

        Posted Oct-3-2010 By 

        (17) | Report

      • Oh yeah. The Confederama was privately owned for 30 years and was at the foot of the mountain and the people of Rock City bought it and moved it to the top of the mountain. IN the winter and fall after the leaves fall, you can see many other monuments all along the side of Lookout Mountain. Most of them are on private property, but you can see them from looking down from Point Park "lookout" platform. I, being from here and knowing many many people, have had the opportunity to visit ma More..

        Posted Oct-3-2010 By 

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    • Hey, cheers back at ya John. :)

      Posted Oct-6-2010 By 

      (13) | Report

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Aloha.

      Posted Nov-23-2010 By 

      (11) | Report

    • Sugars!?!?! We've eaten there too. Cool!
      Were the goats out in the yard?
      If there weren't any goats out there. You weren't eating pork or beef. ha ha ha.
      I'm serious about the goats being in the yard though.

      Posted Dec-20-2010 By 

      (11) | Report

    • Thanks John, and back at you. Holidays cheers to you and yours. :))

      Posted Dec-22-2010 By 

      (11) | Report

    • Thanks for visiting my page and for the comment.
      I actually live in the state below yours, ga.

      Victor Borge was one of the best comedians of all time in my books. I still love to watch him perform. Thanks for the clip.

      Posted Oct-5-2010 By 

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    • Wishing you and yours, a very merry and safe Christmas
      thanks for the kind words and comments.

      Posted Dec-20-2010 By 

      (10) | Report

    • Have a wonderous Christmas holiday John.

      Peace be with you and your family.

      And Cheers to the New Year!

      Posted Dec-22-2010 By 

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    • So we got ourselves a comedian here I see.

      That, and someone who makes some very well pointed comments.


      Posted Oct-2-2010 By 

      (9) | Report

    • Thanks for the page visit & comment brother. Ooh Rah!

      Welcome to LL.

      Posted Oct-25-2010 By 

      (9) | Report

    • Merry Christmas, John! Look forward to bumping heads with you in the new year. Cheers!

      Posted Dec-21-2010 By 

      (9) | Report

    • Welcome to the show fellow Tennessean. Aloha.

      Posted Oct-1-2010 By 

      (8) | Report

    • Have a merry Christmas John

      Posted Dec-24-2010 By 

      (8) | Report

    • Just wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New year. Cheers.

      Posted Dec-19-2010 By 

      (8) | Report

    • Good comments, John! Subscribed :)

      Posted Oct-8-2010 By 

      (6) | Report

    • Comment of user 'DoucheBagRadar' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • thanks for the Christmas greetings John, the same for you too man - Merry Christmas!

      Posted Dec-25-2011 By 

      (18) | Report

    • I enjoy much of what you have to say on LL, John.



      Posted Dec-6-2011 By 

      (16) | Report

    • an interesting talk about the Fourth Amendment J - always enjoy your monologues they're both erudite and succinct in equal measure. great stuff.

      Posted Nov-4-2011 By 

      (16) | Report

    • Just stopping by to say hi.

      Posted Apr-7-2011 By 

      (15) | Report

    • Just swingin' by to say hi Mr. John.

      Posted Aug-17-2011 By 

      (15) | Report

      • @Thickhanger

        Thanks. That "abortion or murder" clip you posted this morning was a stomach churner. It was also the sort of thing that Liveleak exists for. Thanks for putting it up there.

        Posted Aug-18-2011 By 

        (20) | Report

    • Merry Xmas mate! Have a good 'un

      Posted Dec-25-2011 By 

      (15) | Report

    • Happy new year John :)

      Posted Dec-31-2011 By 

      (14) | Report

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  • Blog 'John1054 Blog Archive'
    Added: Jun-6-2011 By: john1054

    Notes, stories, and commentary concerning myself and Liveleak. Feel free to read and leave remarks on my channel page comments.

    Here is a link to my woefully under-visited YouTube Channel.

    My profile sound bite is a snippet from Roy Acuff's rendition of The Tennessee Waltz.

    The intro sound bite I use on some of my YourSays is from the Osborn Brothers version of Rocky Top.

    Navigation Module

    Entry Added: Nov-29-2014 By: john1054

    Since I am not blogging as much as I used to, I'm going to try something a bit different. That is, I will post my latest blog entries at the top of my channel, and move older items to the archive below.



    Entry Added: Nov-19-2014 By: john1054

    Also known as Fuchajen and Futurejen, deleted.

    Nuts. I hope she reboots.

    Hat tip RickBond, who has been in touch with her.

    Update 11/23/2014: After rebooting for a few days as mABEy, she's gotten her BananaGirl account back.



    Entry Added: Nov-17-2014 By: john1054


    Hat tip RickBond.