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    Added: Sep-7-2014 By: mlivsey

    This shit just happens...

    Tabby and Sammy Revolt

    Entry Added: Feb-8-2015 By: mlivsey

    They're bored.

    They've been in our guest house for ages. They feed the animals and clean the place and stuff.

    Now they're finally over 3/11.

    Welcome back!

    I bought the girls a Pastry Shop and a Florist a couple of years ago.

    They can go run them.

    Are they qualified? Nope.

    They will ask questions. Lots of questions but they'll figure it out.
    They should have wished that they were just bored,
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    • After replacing Nikki's ATV, I bought these girls a couple.

      Tabby and Sammy.

      Nice treat. Alternatively "surplus supplies" if Nikki has her way and cliff.

      It's cheaper not to file a claim.

      She's got the custom one. It now has a remote kill switch.

      Hopefully, she won't fuck this one up.

      I'm trying to do business with Honda and we just threw one of their ATV's off a cliff.

      OK I'm is a bit of a negotiating position here.

      I'm not going to read this shit.

      That's More..

      Posted Feb-13-2015 By 

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    • I don't know how this fucking thing works.

      You know what's fun? Negotiating with Honda an ATV into the Irish Sea.

      I'm playing Poker and I don't even have two pair.

      Bluff! Bluff Bluff!

      So we move forward.

      Posted Feb-16-2015 By 

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    My XMAS 2014 Trip to Poland - Nikki's History

    Entry Added: Jan-17-2015 By: mlivsey

    Well, that December trip to Poland was highly informative. Somewhat depressing but the facts are out.

    Little Violetta was born in on July 20th, 1985 in Byialstok Poland and immediately given up for adoption.

    She has no idea who her biological parents are and no interest.

    She then spent ten years bouncing around in orphanages before being finally adopted in 1996 by a couple from Lodz. That's why she calls Lodz her hometown.

    They made sure she she got the best education possible and sent her to Cambridge UK (my dad's school). There, she changed her name to "Nikki" to Anglo-size it.

    Not a good call: she picked a strippers name.

    In her Freshmen year, her foster parents died in a fire (either house fire or car, don't know yet) so she took on two jobs to fund her way through university. Graduated in the top 5%.

    She got a job doing finances at a hotel which I subsequently bought in 2007. We discovered that she was skimming the books for her bosses but also for herself as she had no money.

    Instead of throwing her in ail for 10 years and/or deporting her, she helped us fix the financial systems.

    Seriously, too cute for jail, Anyone else? Jail.

    Subsequently, she's helped us expand the business.

    In 2013, she got evicted as her landlord decided to sell the place, so she hung around with us sailing the Azores in our new boat. One can run a business from literally anywhere these days. When we got back we found out that her visa renewal papers were WAY!!! overdue and that deportation proceedings were underway.

    So I legally married her. There's a rather complex pre-nup in place but she honestly didn't care.

    It beats getting to deported back to Poland where she has no relatives; nothing.

    Just over a year later, she has British citizenship and is still here. In her 29 year life, the last year has been about as stable as it has ever been.

    This year's goal is to work on trust. She trusts me and "Double Trouble" but not much else.

    I learned a lot on this trip about her.

    I also learned not to give "Double Trouble" credit cards in spite of their promises.

    Fucking Hell!

    Like I've never done that before in the last 30 years...

    It got them out of the way.
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    • Well said! Enjoyed the words. Thank you.

      Posted Jan-23-2015 By 

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      • @8mileshigh 

        Wifey just chucked an ATV off a cliff.

        I thought I had fixed her balance issues.

        I am DEAD WRONG!

        It's under warranty so good luck with that one.

        Let's go from banned from driving anything for the moment.

        How does one spell "Total Disaster" in Polish?


        Everyone fucks up. She's pretty good at it.

        Posted Feb-6-2015 By 

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      • @mlivsey  Had to take my moms keys last week. One of the hardest things I have ever done. She just shouldn't drive, not safe. Losing memory fast these days. There's nothing I can do...

        Posted Feb-7-2015 By 

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      • @8mileshigh 

        Wifey just has Ménière's which is treatable.

        Apparently one treats it by driving a Honda ATV off a cliff into the Irish Sea.

        I was more concerned about a tumour that she had returning. She's fine, relatively speaking.

        Like Diabetes, Ménière's is the result of various conditions: genetics, diet, stress, environmental etc. One lessens the conditions one lessons the results.

        It's manageable but not cured.

        Posted Feb-9-2015 By 

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    • intriguing...

      Posted Jan-27-2015 By 

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    • Did you know that tossing an ATV off a cliff isn't an uncommon result?

      She's going to get away with this. Just the deductible.

      You threw a top of the line 4x4 off a 100 yard cliff!

      Posted Feb-13-2015 By 

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    Screwed Up Nikki

    Entry Added: Dec-28-2014 By: mlivsey

    Nikki was diagnosed with Ménière's disease and later with a benign tumor behind her right ear which was removed.

    Perfect balance.

    Three months later? Now her brain has kicked in.


    No sense of balance.

    Her body's re-learning. It has been screwed forever.

    I guess we're staying a little longer than we wanted.

    Double Trouble has bailed. They can run the show.
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    • Yup, she's in rehab.

      Hopefully, she doesn't need a lot, but they're Polish. "Soothing sounds?"

      She can walk and talk again like normal people.

      I await the MRI results.

      Posted Dec-28-2014 By 

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    • Good to go according to the doctors. I was told that her brain was going to slowly re-learn balance things. This was more like a reboot after Windows crashed.

      When she gets discharged, we're going to stay in Poland for a week or so. I can run my businesses out of here.

      You're not going anywhere without an escort for a while, girl.

      Posted Dec-29-2014 By 

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    • I think we're going to spend New Years in Poland. Friendly people and I'm armed with two girls who speak Polish. The alternative is the UK. God knows what they speak when they're drunk.

      Posted Dec-31-2014 By 

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