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    Added: Jul-23-2014 By: paintar

    By the indifferent.. mean ..and kind comments it is a pleasure to have an outlet for my amateur efforts at video and music making..over the past few years i have come to appreciate the L.L . COMMUNITY and look forward to disappointing and pleasing you all
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    • Hello Paintar, great vids, subbed. Do you work at the docks in Cairns? My sister's partner is a decky on the pilot boat, maybe you know him? Big Jeff.

      Posted Nov-3-2014 By 

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      • @smellmyfinger G,day sorry for not getting bak earlier..was at sea for 15 yrs..come ashore and work on the buses ..hav my break down on the wharvs and spend time making a vid history of Cairns vessels and visitors
        hav a stand alone site i have a couple of pix of the pilot boats on there..not sure as there s a lot of pix..cheers ..

        Posted Nov-9-2014 By 

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    • I´ve never seen a ship the size of Jens Maersk in big waves...maybe you can find some video of that and post it?

      Subbed...I love ships!

      Posted Jan-30-2015 By 

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    • Nice, I work as an ocean freight forwarder, always pleasure to see ships I'm sailing my containers with.

      Posted Jul-6-2015 By 

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