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    Added: Apr-26-2014 By: pontiaku

    I've decided to make a blog on Computers & Software, specifically covering things about Windows that annoy me and how I've gone about fixing them. As well as software I recommend for doing various task on Windows and changing the appearance to something more classic.
    My recommendations are subject to change and improve over time. Every time I think I'm at the pinnacle of perfection on my PC something gets "updated" making it more bloated or less functional than the previous version so I sometimes hunt for something better.
    I'm of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. Ever since Windows XP came out the appearance of Windows went from utilitarian to clown vomit and Windows 8 gives you no way to revert back. My objective with this blog is to help everyone be a little more proficient and efficient on their pc's as well as obliterate eye candy which means Windows 8 is on my shit list. Anything on my shit list should not be avoided or replaced.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about anything feel free to comment.

    Recommended Software

    Entry Added: May-2-2014 By: pontiaku

    Program - Purpose / Description

    7zip - For compressing/decompressing archives such as Zip, Rar, 7z, etc etc.
    Better than using winrar though there is a rare occasion it wont recognize the formating.

    CCleaner - For a variety of reasons.
    You can clean malware and programs out of your startup, clean your registery, purge your history, and do a few other things. Get the free version.

    cdBurnerXP - For burning DVD/CD media.
    The built in disc burning software in the newer versions of Windows is awful. Be sure to download the version without OpenCandy which is adware.

    Combined Community Codec Pack - For watching videos and sampling audio files.
    This installation is a bit involved and I will do a blog post specifically on setting this up. Stay tuned.

    Defraggler - An alternative method for defragging the hard drive.

    Duplicate Cleaner Free - This will search all files in folders you pick and let you know of any duplicate files. Good for removing duplicate images that are exactly the same. Care must be taken so as not to delete both copies or the things you wish to keep.

    Awesome Photo Finder (portable) - For finding non-exact duplicates of images that may not be found with Duplicate Cleaner. More caution should be taken when using this. A 100% match will show for files of different file sizes. It's possible for one image to contain Exif data.

    Foxit Reader - For viewing PDF files. Much less bloated and much faster than Adobe Reader. Again the setup for this is a bit involved to remove ads and eyecandy. I will try to do a blog post covering this program as well.

    Firefox or Dragon - For web browsing. Honestly if you're still using IE you're asking to be infected. I'll try to have a write up on setting these up in the near future.

    Sandboxie - This program is good for opening suspicious files that may contain trojans or viruses.

    WinCDemu - This emulates Optical drives so you can open ISO's without burning or extracting them.

    XnView - This is by far the best image browser and light weight image editor for windows. It is extremely fast at opening images while also being easy to navigate. I will definitely be covering more this program in a future post.

    I'll be back to write more later.
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