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    • Hello, you write good posts, keep it up :D

      Posted Jun-8-2014 By 

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    • whats wrong with you idiot? the usa lost more than 300 nukes and you dislike my commentary ok maybe than they can nuke Belgium too if you want that you are only ash!

      Posted Jun-25-2014 By 

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      • @Freaky86 
        You fool, your only attention horny, that's all, even on wikileaks you will not find anything of what you said.Besides, I'm very interested in that topic, so otherwise I certainly would have noticed it in an article...And yeah bomb my country, idiot, I'm European, will never happen, again, even if when it could, then Germany would as well have serious damage of that nuke idiot, says a lot about your intellectual capabilities fuckface

        Posted Jun-26-2014 By 

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      • @satelite 

        You pretend to be european, you aint shit, you are a muzzie arab rat feasting on EU welfare.

        Posted Jul-3-2014 By 

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      • @Skycamper 
        hahaha, there's number 16...I ain't muslim, I don't like muslim habits, and you probably must be one, since you clearly have those habits, = 16 times dude, where do you live in Italy, under a rock or so, to hide your stupidity for the rest of your neighbors or so? Haha Skycamper, bring it on dude, you make my day! :D

        Posted Jul-4-2014 By 

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