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    • Disused mine pictures

      Disused mine pictures

      here are some pics which I put together taken by an underground mines photographer and explorer named Sparty Lee. Whilst I don't actually know her I have corresponded with her a few years back on the

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      Location: England, United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: 9 hours ago in Other Entertainment, Hobbies

    • Wheels of fire...

      Wheels of fire...

      Southern Region 'Battle of Britain' Class Locomotive no 34067. By 1961. It had ran over 750,00miles during it's life and was eventually sent for scraping... it languished in the Killing Fields of Dai

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      Location: Devon, United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: 1 day ago in Other Entertainment, Vehicles

    • Beating the Racket

      Beating the Racket

      ' just can't get away from it, we live in a noisy world. Some people say it's the price that has to be paid for progress, others believe that if we want peace and quiet all we have to do is dema

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      Location: England, United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: 6 days ago in Yawn, Vehicles

    • The Loaded Gun

      The Loaded Gun

      "Your General Tire Dealer presents.... Frank Blair - noted News Correspondent in The Loaded Gun..." An early US automobile safety film.

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      Location: United States | Leaked: 7 days ago in Vehicles

    • What Stops Them

      What Stops Them

      A Jam Handy Special for the Chevrolet Motor Company... "What Stops Them" Educating the motorist about the braking system on new modern automobiles in the inimitable Jam Handy style. They don't

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      Location: United States | Leaked: 7 days ago in Vehicles

    • Out Going Cargo

      Out Going Cargo

      From the 'Industry on Parade Series; Ship cargo handling snippet from 1955 showing how new methods help speed the flow of ship bound cargo.

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      Location: United States | Leaked: 7 days ago in Yawn, History

    • Cats of the sea

      Cats of the sea

      A Look at Life; messing about on the water whimsy... 'over the last 10 years a new type of sailing boat has appeared in European and American waters, a boat with two hulls that can sail twice and e

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      Leaked: Sep-7-2014 in Other Entertainment

    • Peeping Toms

      Peeping Toms

      A Stag film from 1960 supposedly starring Betty Blue... The song playing is 'Stardust' by the great Hoagy Carmichael. Pornography used to be simpler, more innocent. Well, compared to today's ma

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      Leaked: Sep-7-2014 in Other Entertainment

    • The Maple has new leaves

      The Maple has new leaves

      A Look at Life - a story of Roland Smith.... starts off with Nottingham England and quickly moves on to The New World... '...and one day the Smith's decided to seek a new life overseas, every year

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      Location: Canada | Leaked: Sep-6-2014 in Other Entertainment

    • Men against the Sea

      Men against the Sea

      A Look at Life filmette looking at how the Netherlands reclaimed the land next to the sea and prevented further flooding of the area... "for centuries the Dutch have fought against the sea, ha

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      Location: Netherlands | Leaked: Sep-2-2014 in History, Other

    • Sub Terra Explorartion pics

      Sub Terra Explorartion pics

      Our intrepid Sub Terra Ninja Explorers par excellence 'Jon Doe' 'St00p' and 'dsankt' venture into the bowels of the earth 90 feet below Niagara River and behind the great Falls.... 00:01 Starts o

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      Location: Niagara Falls, New York, United States | Leaked: Sep-1-2014 in Yawn

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