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    • Frog Poison Trial

      Frog Poison Trial

      A presenter undergoes one of four trials from the Matis Tribe in the Amazon jungle, to prove himself worthy to hunt with them.This was having frog poison introduced into his blood system.

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      Leaked: Aug-22-2007 in Other

    • blown up bullock boats

      blown up bullock boats

      In India,these guys used bullocks carefully skinned,and stitched up,and blown, up to create floating bladders for water travel.

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      Leaked: Jul-20-2007 in Other

    • Mr.Death


      Fred A. Leuchter talks about the electric chair and briefly on the gas chamber.

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      Leaked: Mar-7-2007 in Other

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    • French informant execution

      French informant execution

      A suspected French informer to the Germans is executed during WW2.The bullet passes through the head and out the post behind.

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      Leaked: Jan-7-2007 in Other

    • sick stunts

      sick stunts

      People who would do anything to get on TV.

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      Leaked: Jan-3-2007 in Other

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