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Added: Aug-14-2012 By: Sumer_Kolcak

Tuesday August 14 2012 ,12:59 PM.
I quit LiveLeak because my post got deleted.
i had worked hard to publish that post.

it was titled " News Anchor ' Sumer Kolcak ' becomes News himself. "

this place is not worth it.

people that read my posts make comments about LSD , trying to make me look like a guy that does LSD, and then they talk about how i sound like the next rampage guy, and then they call my local police and etc to get me shot dead by racist cops.

this has happened many times, even in 2010 there were racist cops with guns at my door ready to shoot practically,

the entire america is racist.

this web site LiveLeak has proven to be just another american B.S.

There will no longer be me, on this web site.

- Sumer Kolcak

Still Not Coming Back to LiveLeak

Entry Added: Aug-15-2012 By: Sumer_Kolcak

You see people..
Shaardan Said

" Are you seriously leaving!? ahahahaahahaha fuck you, I hope you trip and break your fucking skull on the way out. "

He/She also said

" Could you fall into a utility shaft and shatter your pelvis please? "


These are the types of things i want to hear. These types of comments will not cause a chain reaction within which racist cops show up at my door with guns and say " we are just concerned about your own safety " while implying that i may also be a danger to others if i am a danger to myself and thus they open fire and kill me.

If you people refuse to talk like Shaardan while expressing your negative feelings i can not be here. your comments are ill. immigrants do not know what your comments mean, they do not know the laws that well. if i was new to america, i would not know your comments result in another one of you to call local cops and send racist cops on to me.

In 2010 there were cops at my door banging the door with hands on the guns ready to shoot practically. this happened because some racist bastards reported me to the local police.

I can not have that any more.

I am not interested in comments that are trying to sound professional while saying you feel sorry for me.

do not feel sorry for me, show me some sharp stuff.

you see, it's all in the mix of words. the intentions are hiding inside of the mixture of words.

for example.. a comment reads

" You need a reality check buddy. Not everyone is out there to hunt down muslims. Yes, really. "

you see, that comment, ends up getting cops shipped to my door, racist cops, that are wanting to shoot because i am not an american or because i am not sucking up to republican way of life or i am not interested in supporting amerika's child molesting interests.

i can not have comments like that.

if i was new to america, i would have thought that is a harmless comment.
it is not a harmless comment.

you add that comment to another dude's comment saying "sumer is doing LSD "

and then another comment that says " sumer sounds like the next rampage type of a guy "

and then you have 1 of you call the local cops on me.

and i get shot dead.

it's amerika for god sake

we have to be careful.

show me some delicious stuff like SHAARDAN or do not speak to me at all.

you see, HE/SHE ( shaardan ) also said..

" You are doing it wrong " when i thought he/she was being mean to me.

no, HE/SHE was not being mean to me. the secrets hide in the mix of words.
the way the words are arranged, it is ensuring that no racist cops show up at my door.

i want that.


i been studying americans for so long, i know what is going on.
i need you all to start talking in a way that it makes sense.

i can tell the intentions
i see the chain reactions
i see the racist cops lining up at my door with hands on the gun
due to your comments and police reports.

do not do that.
you do not understand
i am more amerikan than any one of you.

for the sake of amerikan values.
quit your " oh i know how to get the cops to show up at his door and shoot him dead "

i do not want to hear any more comments that are sick deep deep deep down

i see everything.
my brain is large.

do not try it.

i'll PWN you all.
You've all been warned people.
I'll teach the middle east linux and let them PWN ya'll.

do not do this to yourselves.

i stole linux secrets from america.
i am one of you now
you will let me fuk your blonde daughters. ( 18 + )
and jizz on their faces.

- Sumer Kolcak
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