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The Real Terminators are International Bankers and Corporations

Who really wants all these wars? Is it the people, or money changers? [documentary]

The first 30 seconds are dedicated to identifying the less than 1% Elite. I show Eliot Spitzer the former New York Attorney General, then Governor, now an international corporate bankster mouthpiece on CNN. Should taxpayers have paid for Eliot's $6500 a pop, hookers? [story]

Then there is about 3 plus minutes, clips from the first Terminator Movie. The New World Order, the Globalists, will kill us slowly, or more quietly. [Courts are rubber stamps on the abuse]

The final 7 minutes are photos I took one of the factory towns that used to produce in the US, Lawrence, Massachusetts. [post]

The homeless are literally living under bridges. These people used to be the middle class. There is an international corporation and bankster war on the small farmer, small business, the self-employed, and the outspoken. They own the US Government and Military. While people go homeless and starve, the police state wants $700,000 boats to go on lakes and rivers, equipped with machine guns and other toys.

They want to poison our food and water. They want to make us sterile. They want us in prison, or dead. Wake up, look around. We have to do more than Occupy Wall St. OWS. The NDAA and ACTA are to make us slaves. These international pirates want a war with Iran. Look what they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Why should US taxpayers starve and go homeless so international organized crime can have military bases all over the world. Why should all citizens of the world be subject to these tyrants. I will share this video with public officials and those I want to enlighten.

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By: SvenVonErick
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