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Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast. - McCain Staffer

Now that the defeated team of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have gone their separate ways, the knives are out and Palin is the one who is getting filleted.

Revelations from anonymous critics from within the McCain-Palin campaign suggest a number of complaints about the Alaskan governor:

Fox News reports that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent and did not know the member nations of the North American Free Trade Agreement -- the United States, Mexico and Canada -- when she was picked for vice president.

The New York Times reports that McCain aides were outraged when Palin staffers scheduled her to speak with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, a conversation that turned out to be a radio station prank.

Newsweek reports that Palin spent far more than the previously reported $150,000 on clothes for herself and her family.

Several publications say she irked the McCain campaign by asking to make her own concession speech on election night.

The tension is likely to continue or get worse. Lawyers for the Republican National Committee are heading to Alaska to try to account for all the money that was spent on clothing, jewelry and luggage, according to The New York Times.

Reports of agitation between the two camps bubbled up in the final weeks of the campaign as Barack Obama began pulling away and the GOP duo was unable to regain the momentum.

But those reports are no longer in the rumor stage as McCain loyalists are now blasting away at the Alaska governor, who was a favorite of the Republican right during the campaign, but was cited in numerous polls as a reason why many Americans wouldn't vote for the Arizona Republican.

Perhaps the most dangerous allegation for Palin are reports in The New York Times and Newsweek that when she was urged by McCain adviser Nicole Wallace to buy three suits for the Republican convention and three suits for the campaign trail, she went on the now-infamous shopping spree at swank stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

A Republican donor who agreed to foot a majority of the expenses was stunned when he received the bill, Newsweek reported. Both the Times and Newsweek report that the budget for the clothing was expected to be between $20,000 and $25,000. Instead, the amount reported by the Republican National Committee was $150,000.

That wasn't the whole tab, however, according to Newsweek. The magazine claims that Palin leaned on some low-level staffers to put thousands of dollars of additional purchases on their credit cards. The national committee and McCain became aware of the extra expenditures, including clothes for husband Todd Palin, when the staffers sought reimbursement, Newsweek reported.

McCain Aide Calls Palin Family 'Wasilla Hillbillies'

There is one comment in particular from a McCain aide that guaranteed to heighten friction between the two camps. The angry aide described the Palin family shopping spree to Newsweek as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast."

It's unclear how much McCain knew about the clothing debacle. Reports suggest that he was kept out of the loop for fear that he would not approve.

Both Newsweek and The New York Times say McCain and Palin had little contact with each other.

"I think it was a difficult relationship," one top McCain official confided to The New York Times. But a high level McCain adviser told ABC News that the two had a good working relationship.

"He likes her," this senior McCain adviser said last week. "He's had no problem with her. He's very appreciative of what she's done."

The adviser said McCain and Palin talked at least once a day. He also said McCain frequently joked about how large Palin's crowds were compared to his.

However, press accounts today suggest that Palin rubbed many of the McCain aides the wrong way. On election night when it was clear that McCain would be giving a concession speech instead of an acceptance speech, Palin approached McCain with a speech in hand hoping to make her own concession speech, according to published reports.

Vice presidential candidates traditionally leave the spotlight to the top of the ticket on election night and McCain aides made it clear to Palin that she would be a spectator that night, not a speaker, The New York Times reported.

And when McCain and Palin split up in Arizona Wednesday, the personal differences were stark.

McCain drove himself home in a Toyota sport utility vehicle. Palin's departure was a grander event. She left with an entourage of 18 family members and friends and a Secret Service detail, heading to the airport in a motorcade stretching more than a dozen vehicles, flanked by a dozen more cops on motorcycles.

Interview Prep Lacking, McCain Staffers Say

McCain aides had numerous complaints about Palin. She was unwilling or unable to find the time and energy to prep for her disastrous interview with Couric. And when she did study, she astonished her handlers by her unsophisticated views.

She didn't know Africa was a continent, according to Newsweek. Fox News revealed that during her cramming, she couldn't name the three countries that belong to the North American Free Trade Agreement: the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Questions followed Palin home to Alaska. She was asked about some of the accusations from anonymous sources when she landed there late Wednesday.

Asked about the Fox report that she did not know the NAFTA members or that Africa was a continent, Palin said, "If they're an unnamed source, that says it all. I won't comment on anyone's gossip based on anonymous sources. That's kind of a small of a bitter type of person who anonymously would charge that I didn't know an answer to a question. So until I know who's talking about it, I won't have a comment on a false allegation."

Palin Insists She's No Diva

When pressed on what went wrong with the campaign, she said, "I certainly am not one to ever waste time looking backwards."

She defended herself against the notion that she is to blame for the failure of the McCain-Palin ticket.

"I don't think anybody should give Sarah Palin that much credit, that I would trump an economic, woeful time in this nation that occurred about two months ago, that my presence on the ticket would trump the economic crisis that America found itself in a couple of months ago and attribute John McCain's loss to me," Palin told reporters in Arizona Wednesday.

"Now, having said that, if I cost John McCain even one vote, I'm sorry about that because John McCain I believe is the American hero. I had believed that it was his time. & He being so full of courage and wisdom and experience, that valor he just embodies, I believe he would've been the best pick, but that is not the Americans' choice at this time."

She also rejected the characterization that she was a "diva" on the campaign trail, as one anonymous McCain adviser told CNN.

"If only people, y'know, come on up and travel with us to Alaska and see this 'diva' lifestyle that I supposedly live or would demand, because it's just false," she said.

Asked about her national political ambitions, she said, "I have not given it any thought in the context of making any kind of decisions at all, so no, just happy to be back here."

In one of her favorite coffee shops in Wasilla Tuesday morning, Palin summed it up this way: "Forever, I'm going to be Sarah from Alaska."

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  • anonymous critics....enough said.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (4) | Report

    • of course their anonymous. They want to be able to find work within the party again.

      What the party should do now is cut out the cancer of religious shit-kicker hillbillies and get back to real issues. Instead of campaigning on the message of "not this guy!" (meaning Obama of course)

      Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

      (3) | Report

  • Palin is a sociopath. She fits many of the descripters used to identify sociapathic behavior. I am still frightened by the fact so many Americans were naive enough to support a ticket with her on it. It means we are always only one percent away from being taken over by a Despot. Americans need to learn how to use the internet to glean non-biased facts from all the smoke put out there to make the task harder to accomplish. Americans must become more able to seperate truth from fiction. Much of th More..

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (2) | Report

    • Great post, and I agree but your logic and reason is above "neo-conservatives" head. You have to simplify it for they can understand.

      Simplified Translation:

      Palin is a crazy bitch, McCain found that out and is happy to have lost. Dumb ignorant Americans almost screwed up the world by not reading and understanding.

      Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

      (2) | Report

    • Finally someone put into words what I have been thinking all along. Americans have become too lazy and rely on the news to tell them what is what. No longer do people try to find out the information for their self. I mean, come on, Joe the plumber? Socialist? Americans really need to wake up and stop being spoon fed their information.

      Posted Nov-11-2008 By 

      (0) | Report

  • it will all come out when the GOP audits their books.

    as for not knowing Africa is a continent, that is just too preposterous for anyone to say if it weren't true. what's the motive in lying about a thing like that?

    what a maroon.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (1) | Report

  • Drill Baby Drill!!!!

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (1) | Report

  • No matter what they talk about Palin she is nothing but an half idiot & half bitch.McCain is a great leader & noble hearted person.Only for that bitch He lost in this election.Obama is president but to me John McCain is still a great leader.

    Posted Nov-7-2008 By 

    (1) | Report

  • "Several publications say she irked the McCain campaign by asking to make her own concession speech on election night."
    Sarah obviously suffers from delusions of granduer. Too she meets many of the criteria for persons suffering from Antisocial personality disorder as noted on wikipedia: Characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder may include:
    Persistent lying or stealing.
    Recurring difficulties with the law. (trooper-gate, allowing her husband to act as her prox More..

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (0) | Report

  • Fox News reports that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent and did not know the member nations More.. of the North American Free Trade Agreement -- the United States, Mexico and Canada -- when she was picked for vice president.

    That is laughs! Fox just turning back around to feed on the chunks like a shark.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (0) | Report

  • What do you expect from an over paid housewife.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (0) | Report


    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (0) | Report

  • This post only proves how small minded and bigoted you are...

    But we already knew that :)

    Posted Dec-22-2008 By 

    (0) | Report

  • She got her pay for her part in the elect Obamna scam. She earned it.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (-1) | Report

  • John McCain has gone out of his way multiple times to defend democrats on numerous occasions, often times, democrats who would never waste their breath defending him. But his own running mate gets shit on by some worthless cocksuckers on his staff, and he doesn't say shit. Screw him.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (-1) | Report

  • Source: ABC News.

    Posted Nov-6-2008 By 

    (-2) | Report