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US condemned over drone-spying program on Iran

It was late Thursday that the Non-Aligned Movement, an organization comprised of nearly two-thirds of the world's nations, condemned the US's now well-known drone-spying program over Iran.

The statement reads in part that the program "contravenes all universally accepted existing international norms relating to sovereignty and inviolability of airspace of sovereign countries."

Today, Press TV asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's spokesman if Ban had a reaction.

Military drones are seeing increased usage around the world, mainly by the US and Israel ,as a less-expensive way of spying and waging war.

The US was caught red-handed in December when one of its most modern drones was captured by the Iranian military.

Ban's reaction to the incident in late December was to punt and call it a member states' issue.

A day later, Ban shifted, with Nesirky telling an Iranian news agency that the US should be accountable for its violations of Iranian airspace.

There's been no additional word or action from Ban's office concerning any investigations.

Human rights groups say that since 9/11, an expanded US drone program has killed anywhere from hundreds to possibly thousands of people in Yemen and Somalia but mostly Pakistan and Afghanistan including scores of civilians whose names won't be known because the programs are top-secret.

Press TV followed up with Nesirky to see if the Secretary-General was at least developing a position on the use of drones since they're likely here to stay.

Ban did condemn the systematic killings of Iranian nuclear scientists over the past two years, the latest of which happened last week.

His statement read that "Any terrorist action or assassination against any people whether a scientist or civilian is to be strongly condemned."

His office issued that statement last Friday, however, a full day after the Non-Align Movement issued its statement condemning the killingsand two days after the deadly bombing occurred.

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