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3-1 CNN Your Money Talks of Great Depression Coming

3-1 CNN Your Money Talks of Great Depression Coming. The Blame lies in the Corporation of London in case you care. The three city states/Empire of the city. Ever heard of it? DC, London, Vatican. MI5, CIA, GOD. Your Lords and Masters, the ones who pull GW's Strings.

George Bush is lying by telling you everything in the garden is just rosy, war, torture, murder, police brutality... A blatant example of his LIES? "God told me to do it" LAUGHING SO HARD I NEARLY PEE MYSELF.

Google Bush lies 935 times for a report on how the administration lied you into a fake war on a word. "Terror"

I dare you to find "TERROR" on a map.

Love his comment, "these guys have been wrong(LIED) in the past, are they gonna be wrong(LIE) in the future?"

Nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care. They all think everything will go on the same forever.

Ever heard of the word evolution? Nothing stays the same, everything must change, thinking, governments, biology, quit living in the past.

The TV has you trapped in the past reliving past events in your mind while you stare at the flickering light box.

Life is going on all around you while you stare into the state approved past. Did you know they now teach that the great depression was caused by trade sanctions? This is the how they make us think we need Free trade and harmonized trade ie. Corporate rule of everything is more important than an individual's rights.

Buy flour, dried beans and lentils and a book on edible wild plants in your area. Maybe keep some vitamins and protein powder on hand, it could be a long winter.

This isn't fear mongering, this is just common sense. Food supplies are good for long power outages, natural disasters as well as government approved false flag events and the martial law that will follow it.

PS. To all the piggy's with your snouts in the trough. We don't need to eat meat to survive so don't go a pull a Peruvian plane crash diet.

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Added: Mar-11-2008 
By: Slaverevolt
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