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Danish Terrorist Killed in Syria
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(Shiraz Tariq on the left, Abu Khattab on the right.)

The Danish terrorist Shiraz Tariq, known in Denmark as Abu Musa, was according to sources close to his family, killed in Syria's Latakia province Tuesday morning (25. September 2013). The whereabouts and condition of his pupil Abu Khattab is at this point unknown.

The 34-year-old dane with pakistani roots have supposedly been shot through the head during combat operations in Syria. The now as ever brain dead terrorist have for years been regarded as one of the most radical Islamists in Denmark and have spoken highly of establishing sharia zones in Denmark, as well as praising the 9/11 hijackers. Shiraz Tariq is also said to have been a source of inspiration for the people behind two of the biggest terror cases in Denmark.

The danish "progressive" newspaper Politiken have previously described Shiraz Tariq as "the spider in the Salafist movement" in Denmark.

Shiraz Tariq have been in Syria for a long time along with several other Danish jihadis, who all regarded him as a leader figure. At least six danish terrorists have so far lost their lives in the war in Syria, and thus Shiraz Tariq is the seventh confirmed jihadist killed in combat in Syria.

Apart from being a radical jihadist, Shiraz Tariq was also known in Denmark for his and his family's organized criminal activities. Shiraz Tariq was supposedly being protected for years by the danish security and intelligence service known as PET. More on that in a later update.

(Shiraz Tariq in the middle.)

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