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Aliens Think We Taste Good

Reportedly the unit patch from the 509th Bomb
Wing used during secret flight testing of the
B-2 Stealth Bombers. It shows a Grey about to
eat a B-2, superimposed over a radar scope,
along with a knife and fork. GUSTATUS
SIMILIS PULLUS" ("Tastes like chicken")

The following information comes from NICAP and "various other sources".The idea that the B-2 and other stealth
aircraft are derived from UFO technology and back engineering efforts
is not at all inconceivable. The United States Air Force has insured that
the very nature of the craft and the secrecy that surrounds it's inner
workings remain a mystery to the general public, and rightly so in the
"Military Mind" that permeates the landscape at this time. This may
change in the future but don't hold your breath.
The 509th Bomb Wing of Roswell reknown first became famous for
dropping the atomic bomb on Japan as ordered by Harry Truman. The
509th was also stationed at Pease AFB, NH in the mid-60s while the
nearby famous Exeter, NH case was going on. The UFOs seem to follow
the 509th Bomber Wing quite closely as if keeping track of something...
What that something is we will be exploring in our "Aliens, UFOs and
the Military... Connections, Interactions, and Agencies section of
The words of President Harry Truman, {creator of the CIA} examined
today with all we know about the truth behind the UFO cover-up are
even more poignant than when they were first spoken...
Quote " The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know"
A rather telling statement from a no nonsense president who knew what
was at stake and made the decision to unleash a horrific weapon with
consequences not limited to sheer destruction, but affecting and changing
all life as we know it, or are about to know it on an atomic level forever.
What "new thing" that is "history" did President Truman know that we didn't or "don't Know"? Perhaps the patch
above speaks volumes of unknown history. We will be bringing it all together in "The Mysterious 509th", the unit
now resides at Whiteman Air Force Base, MO., coincidently the birthplace of Harry Truman.

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