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"Tramp the dirt down': George Galloway


:'Tramp the dirt down': George Galloway's extraordinarily crass tweet leads the Left’s sickening :celebration' just minutes after Baroness Thatcher’s death
:Response was met with disgust by users on Twitter
:Facebook campaign to take 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' to number one
:Stop The War Coalition: 'She should also be remembered as a warmonger'
:GMB union: 'Her legacy involves the destruction of communities'
:Durham Miners' Association: Her death was a 'great day' for coal miners
:Second most trending topic on Twitter: #nostatefuneral
:NUS National conference reported to have cheered at news of her death

George Galloway has provoked criticism after writing a 'distasteful' comment following the death of former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Only a few minutes after the death of the 87-year-old was announced the Respect MP for Bradford West took to his Twitter writing 'Tramp the dirt down.'

His response after her death from a stroke earlier today, was met with disgust by many users on the social networking site.

When one user wrote that the MP was 'unbecoming' in his choice of phrase, the 59-year-old fired back 'You're obviously a teenage scribbler then? Or one with no memory.'

His responses was one of many controversial reactions from cheers at an NUS National conference in Sheffield to when news of her death was announced to a Labour councillor posting a bottle of wine on Twitter.

It is thought the MP was referring to an Elvis Costello 1989 song in which the singer vows to dance on Thatcher's grave.

In a further message on the social networking site, Mr Galloway said: 'Thatcher described Nelson Mandela as a 'terrorist'. I was there. I saw her lips move. May she burn in the hellfires.'

Although the internet was flooded with tributes to the Iron Lady, it also showcased venom for Britain's first and only female political leader.

Colchester Labour councillor Tina Bourne posted a photo of a bottle of Bollinger on Twitter with the accompanying message: 'Chin chin everyone.'

After being rebuked by her followers she later apologised on the social networking site writing: 'It was a crass insensitive thing to tweet, and I should know better. With sincere apologies.'

A Facebook campaign has been launched to take Judy Garland song 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' to number one following Margaret Thatcher's death.

A series of pages urge people to buy MP3 downloads of the song, which features in 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz.

One, called Make 'Ding dong the witch is dead' number 1 the week Thatcher dies, already had 590 members by 1.30pm with numbers rapidly rising.

In the film the song is performed by the Munchkin characters, Glinda the Good Witch, played by Billie Burke, and Dorothy, played by Judy Garland.

The lyrics were written by E.Y. Harburg and the song celebrates the death of the Wicked Witch of the East after Dorothy 'dropped a house on her'.

Less than an hour after her death was made public, a book entitled Thatcher Tributes with a witch on the front was on sale.

The publishers said the book will be released by erbacce-press as a paperback and will be available at bookshops and via their websites.

They said 'It is an expression of the feelings of ordinary people who will greet the death of Mrs Thatcher with very little regret.'

A website set up three years ago asking 'Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?' was today updated for the first time - with the word 'YES'.

The website currently has more than 130,000 'likes' on Facebook and thousands of people have written about it on Twitter.

'Likes' on their Facebook page were rocketing at a rate of 2,500 a minute.

Throughout the former prime minister's deteriorating health the site,, had simply stated 'NOT YET' in large capital letters.

But following news at 12pm of the 87 year old's death the wording was changed to 'YES'.

A smaller message underneath adds: 'Margaret Thatcher is dead. This lady's not returning.'

Another message on the site asks the readers: 'How are you celebrating?' and encourages users to use the #nowthatchersdead hashtag on Twitter.

The website, which asks how visitors will celebrate her death, had previously been labelled 'vulgar - truly distasteful' by Conservative Party sources.

The site was created by professional musician Antonio Lulic, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham.
The 30-year-old today said: 'It was inevitable, she has been unwell for a long time.

'Judging by the reaction of the people that follow the website on Facebook and Twitter, they seem very pleased about it - I am quietly relieved.

'Thousands of people have already commented and we've seen thousands of extra 'likes' on our Facebook in the last 10 minutes, and that's only going to get higher.'

There were also reports that there were cheers in the audience of an NUS National conference in Sheffield when news of her death was ann

High street wine merchant OddBins in Crouch End, London, landed in hot water after tweeting: 'If for any reason anyone feels like celebrating anything we have Tattinger available at £10 less than usual at 329. Just saying...'

In response a spokesperson for Oddbins, said: 'The tweet in question was made by a member of branch staff without the approval or knowledge of the company's management. The tweet was completely inappropriate and in the worst possible taste. We would like to apologise profusely for the offence it has quite rightly caused. The member of staff responsible has been suspended with immediate effect pending a disciplinary hearing.'

Today unions and campaign groups were critical of the policies she followed while Prime Minister.

Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB union, said: 'Mrs Thatcher was a powerful politician who will be remembered by many for the destructive and divisive policies she reigned over which in the end, even in the Tory party, proved to be her downfall.

'Her legacy involves the destruction of communities, the elevation of personal greed over social values and legitimising the exploitation of the weak by the strong.'

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop The War Coalition, said: 'Margaret Thatcher laid the basis for policies which wrecked the lives of millions in Britain. But she should also be remembered as a warmonger.

'She led alongside Ronald Reagan the escalation of the Cold War. She introduced cruise missiles to Britain and fought the Falklands war. Her arms deals with Saudi Arabia were notorious. Her legacy was Tony Blair who built enthusiastically on her record.'

The death of Baroness Thatcher was a 'great day' for coal miners, David Hopper, general secretary of the Durham Miners' Association said today.

The ex-miner, who turned 70 today, spent all of his working life at Wearmouth Colliery.

He said: 'It looks like one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

'There's no sympathy from me for what she did to our community. She destroyed our community, our villages and our people.

'For the union this could not come soon enough and I'm pleased that I have outlived her.
'It's a great day for all the miners, I imagine we will have a counter demonstration when they have her funeral.

'Our children have got no jobs and the community is full of problems. There's no work and no money and it's very sad the legacy she has left behind.

'She absolutely hated working people and I have got very bitter memories of what she did. She turned all the nation against us and the violence that was meted out on us was terrible.

'I would say to those people who want to mourn her that they're lucky she did not treat them like she treated us.'

Baroness Thatcher's policies were 'fundamentally wrong', former London mayor Ken Livingstone said today.

He told Sky News the former Conservative prime minister was responsible for 'every real problem' faced in the UK today, as he claimed she had led millions of people out of work.

Mr Livingstone said: 'Of course she was popular, she was offering people their homes at a cut price. But she didn't build any houses.'

'She created today's housing crisis, she produced the banking crisis, she created the benefits crisis. It was her government that started putting people on incapacity benefits rather than register them as unemployed because the Britain she inherited was broadly at full employment.

'She decided when she wrote off our manufacturing industry that she could live with two or three million unemployed and the legacy of that, the benefits bill that we are still struggling with today.

'In actual fact, every real problem we face today is the legacy of the fact she was fundamentally wrong.'

He also said that it was to Tony Blair's 'shame' that he 'broadly carried on' most of her policies.

Mr Livingstone added: 'She once claimed New Labour was her greatest legacy and I am not saying she was joking.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams reacted to the announcement of Baroness Thatcher’s death with a scathing assessment of her political legacy in Ireland and elsewhere.

'Margaret Thatcher did great hurt to the Irish and British people during her time as British prime minister,' claimed Mr Adams.

'Working class communities were devastated in Britain because of her policies.

'Her role in international affairs was equally belligerent whether in support of the Chilean dictator Pinochet, her opposition to sanctions against Apartheid South Africa; and her support for the Khmer Rouge.

'Here in Ireland her espousal of old draconian militaristic policies prolonged the war and caused great suffering.'

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