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Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the destruction of infrastructure by NATO

Friday, 08 Ramadan 1433Friday, 27 July 2012 13:07The wrapping up of occupation is indeed a proud moment for the Afghans. It is hoped that our beloved country frees itself from the accursed clutches of this invasion. There should be no doubt that none of this would be possible if not for the help of Allah Almighty and the innumerous sacrifices of this proud nation.

Although the withdrawal of the invaders is a positive step however the destruction of infrastructure is absolutely irrational. The Afghans hold due right of these installations because they are built on the land of the Afghans and with money collected in their name.

Firstly the occupiers invaded the Afghan nation in violation of all established rules, constructed military installations without the consent of its people and now they are being destroyed in yet another act of violation. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, besides condemning this act, calls on the invaders and their allies to withhold from breaching any further rights of the Afghans.

Leaving these installations is very beneficial for the persecuted Afghan people. It can clearly be seen from this that the occupiers do not care about the interests of the Afghans. They shouted empty slogans of reconstruction but are now openly carrying out destruction of facilities built with the money of the Afghan people. Is this re-construction of re-destruction! It is a common rule that money be spent on development however they are spending millions on destruction of this country!! which if were instead spent on reconstruction, would eliminate a lot of the problems of the people. They have always chosen destruction for other nations. All they ever do is annihilation. They came in with destruction and are now leaving with destruction. The stooge Kabul administration, which toiled in the lap of the invaders for the past decade and is still at it, is so worthless to them that they won’t even give them a few outposts. Is this the repayment for ten year slavery?

Even the stooge Kabul administration has to now realize that their masters were neither beneficial for them nor for the nation. They should now understand the realities, recognize the nation’s friend from foe, instead of still standing behind the occupiers and killing its own people, it should help its people in kicking them out. Whatever you did is past, now is high time you focused on the future of this country and its people.Invaders abandon and dismantle 2 large bases in Faryab

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi

Monday, 11 Ramadan 1433Monday, 30 July 2012 10:14FARYAB, Jul. 30 – Officials reporting from northern Faryab province state that on Sunday, foreign invaders abandoned two of their large bases located in the provincial capital and Qisar district and then dismantled them.

Officials add that the stooge provincial police chief (Commander Abdul Khaliq Aqsai) protested the destruction and claimed it Afghan property drawing the foreign invaders to react, slapping him on the face and leaving him humiliated.News

30/07/2012 Shrapnel IED kills 2 minions in Maiwand district[/*] 30/07/2012 Powerful IED attack kills 3 invaders, wounds 2[/*] 30/07/2012 3 puppets wounded in firefight[/*] 30/07/2012 Ambushes leave 4 puppets dead[/*] 30/07/2012 Deadly fighting takes place in Badghis[/*] 30/07/2012 Mujahideen clash with invaders in Sangin[/*] 30/07/2012 3 local minions killed in clash[/*] 30/07/2012 8 puppet cowardly troops killed, 5 hurt in ambush attack[/*] 30/07/2012 3 invaders killed, 4 hurt as enemy army Camp struck with missiles in Logar[/*] 30/07/2012 3 local minions killed in clash[/*] 30/07/2012 PRT base attacked in Ghazni[/*] 30/07/2012 Bagram Airbase struck with missiles[/*] 30/07/2012 5 local spy agents killed in Ghazni[/*] 30/07/2012 Invaders abduct Imam along his 10 students in Kunduz[/*] 30/07/2012 District center comes under attack in Paktia[/*] 30/07/2012 Many killed as 3 enemy’s checkpoints overrun in Khost[/*] 30/07/2012 Many killed as 3 enemy’s checkpoints overrun in Khost[/*] 30/07/2012 3 enemy’s checkpoints overrun in Parwan[/*] 30/07/2012 3 killed as enemy’s check post comes under heavy weapon attack in Kunar[/*] 30/07/2012 3 enemy’s checkpoints overrun in Parwan[/*] 30/07/2012 2 invaders hurt as their base comes under heavy weapon attack in Laghman[/*] 30/07/2012 Enemy’s outpost attacked in Kunar[/*] 30/07/2012 ANA tank destroyed by landmine[/*] 30/07/2012 10 enemy troops killed while raiding Mujahideen[/*] 30/07/2012 2 ISAF tanks eliminated in Nad Ali[/*] 30/07/2012 4 police killed, rifles and 2 motorbikes seized[/*] 30/07/2012 Key enemy intelligence official killed[/*] 30/07/2012 American terrorist killed, 2 wounded in Gerishk[/*] 30/07/2012 IED attacks leave 6 combined troops dead, 8 wounded[/*] 30/07/2012 ANA officer surrenders in Saripul[/*] 30/07/2012 Check post attacked, 3 puppets killed[/*] 30/07/2012 Mujahideen prevent enemy from carrying out raidResults of the last Kabul operation from various sources -

Wednesday, 07 Sya'ban 1433Wednesday, 27 June 2012 10:10There should be no doubt that the Mujahideen are very precise in their selected objectives especially in Martyrdom attacks and extraordinary efforts are exerted in making the blow effective as well as heavy in terms of enemy human toll even though the enemy portrays the situation as completely opposite. They immediately mobilize their bankrolled media, who from the start of the attack expound the enemy narrative, conduct interviews with their spokespersons, spread their lies and distortions

and brushes the attack off as an ordinary incident to its viewers, readers and listeners, the target and victims of which are civilians.

The recent attack on Spogmi hotel in Qargha was also reflected in the same light as the stated formulae and efforts were made to water it down however realities can never be concealed with propaganda and sooner and later everything comes to light. The infamous hotel in Qargha which came under a martyrdom strike was a place whose guests were mainly dollar worshiping hirelings and workers of western embassies as well as workers of NGOs which spread Christianity under the command and support of western countries and are similarly working hand in hand with Afghans in promoting immoralities. The Qargha lakeside was under the surveillance of Mujahideen for the past couple of months and all information needed for the operation was collected and appropriate guidelines handed over to the martyrdom seekers. On the 1st of Shaban, the operation was initiated with absolute proficiency, more details about which will be discussed below.

The organizers of this operation say that Thursday night was chosen specifically because various parties were held inside this hotel and most of its participants were foreign nationals who had the means of affording its expensive food, drinks and entertainment. Among them were workers from the embassies of Britain, Romania, France, Canada and others; personnel of NGOs which have been working in spreading Christianity in our country for the past decade as well as corrupt officials from Kabul’s intelligence agency and Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs who have stuffed their pockets with illegal money and spend their lives in debauchee and play with the dignity, honor and pride of this nation. There were 330 such people and their associates present on the night of the attack with lots of alcohol, several prostitutes and some famous singers playing music at the request of the hotel managers.

Participants of Martyrdom operation

One of the leaders from amongst the four Mujahideen (Hayatullah, Sulaiman, Naimatullah and Kamran) who have now reached the high rank of martyrdom said via telephone: When we reached the hotel, there were 4 police standing at the front gate. We proceeded by killed them with silenced pistols then calmly made our way inside, closed the hotel’s main gate and began the separation phase because we were instructed by our elders to avoid harming anyone not associated with the Kabul regime or children or any of the hotel workers. We did as asked to the best of our ability by separating the civilians, assembling them in rooms and instructing them to not leave there rooms during the fighting. On the other hand, all foreign nationals, uniformed hirelings and other puppets of ministries were killed after checking their documentation. After that we started engaging the outside enemy.

Witnesses and regional security officials

The below information is gathered from a worker of the said hotel, a guest businessman and the commander of police check posts. All three of these men state that they have witnessed things which were completely ignored in televisions and radios. They emphasize that foreigners, most of whom were workers of missionary NGOs and western embassies, visited this hotel every night and plenty had arrived especially on this night. The attack happened suddenly and we stood there shocked. We saw that the Mujahid inside were looking for specific targets and were instructing ordinary people to enter rooms and stay there until the fighting is over. Then the fighting began and we do not know what happened until the morning except that the halls were packed with the bodies of dead people. A police commander said on condition of anonymity that more than a hundred people were killed here however we have been told to stay mute about the casualties. He further said the second floor has still not been cleared (second day) while ambulances were making consecutive trips till nearly dusk time. The said person adds that after the attack, the area was cordoned off by foreign troops until dusk time and even the minister of interior was not allowed near the site. The foreign forces evacuated the dead foreign nationals from the scene then allowed the internal intelligence agency to participate in the clear up however the number of killed, most of whom were foreigners is still not known but the said person says that he believes the number reaches into hundreds. The commander who does not want to be named adds that he has never seen such destruction while all the workers near Qargha lakeside have been told to not talk to any news outlets about the casualties.

Commander of foreign forces

The commander of foreign forces, John Allen, claimed in a very harsh manner that this attack was the work of ‘Haqqani Network’ and of Pakistan. One thing that is common knowledge is that whenever the foreigners are struck with a heavy blow, they always start making such ridiculous claims. The fact is that this operation was carried out by 4 Afghan warriors, dressed in Afghan clothing and the weapons used were those which have been utilized in our country for the past thirty years and which are known to every young and old Afghan by its name. Mujahideen also reached their target by road and used means which are present with Afghans then why is there a need to place the blame another neighboring country? Such laughable claims are only meant to try and blemish the name of Mujahideen in order to diminish the courage and great deeds of the Afghan Mujahideen (Taliban). However the Afghans have not only just started fighting but we have been at it for the past three decades and the Mujahideen have always had to face such ridiculous claims which strive to portray them in a negative light. We would have needed the help of neighbors in case we had only just started our struggle or that we were not familiar with weapons or that we had spent all our lives in immorality and handouts. Only in such a case would we have needed help from other nations in organizing and executing operations. The matter of the fact is that Afghan Mujahideen have set the epitome in warfare and are themselves masters in matters of war. This is the third time that we are defeating the most advanced and highly trained forces of the world so is it plausible that the Mujahideen would need any help in their operations? The matter is very clear; John Allen is only trying to deceive the American public with such statements, somehow control its failures, play down the demonstration of astuteness and valor of Mujahideen and especially to give patience to the defeated Kabul regime and conjure reasons for it to keep on fighting? Why, because it is Pakistan which is interfering!!!

Western media

The western media was also made befuddled observations and displayed that the Taliban is still a strong force in Afghanistan and demonstrated that they can strike anywhere they want, can take weapons with them anywhere they want and the garrison city of Kabul is still under threat from a potent Taliban force.

A few observations can clearly be made from the analysis of the mentioned arguments:

1. That the Taliban want to continue their Jihad and protect their religion and sanctities and are prepared to present every king of sacrifice to defend its nation.

2. That Taliban don’t rely on propaganda but are able to, with the help of Allah, do anything they want and strike the enemy anywhere they want.

3. That the Taliban are forging ahead with their Jihad with the Allah’s support and divine help as well as the unrestrained backing of its nation. It is with the immense support and sacrifice of its people with its Mujahid brothers that such attacks are carried out inside the garrison city of Kabul. They cover them and their secrets with their head shrouds up until the launch of the operation.

4. As for the caused casualties, they are completely covered up by the invaders, Kabul’s stooge regime and its surrogate media and only a tiny fraction is released while every effort is made to deflate the effectiveness of such strikes. Our countrymen are witness how the huge Sahra Bagh incident was covered up and then it was later testified to by an American general in America. Even the Kabul administration has adopted this formula by always denying their casualties even though Karzai made a rare public statement a couple of days earlier and said that between 20 and 25 of its security personnel are killed on a daily basis.

5. That there are people inside the security apparatus of the Kabul administration who share intelligence with Mujahideen and with its help, such large operation take place.

6. That the spring Al-Farooq operation has completely devastated the enemy and it is not far that they shall face an ignominious defeat and leave.

7. The claims of NATO about its war (occupation) progress were proved wrong.

8. It is made clear that no matter how strong falsehood is, it shall face defeat and the truth shall be triumphant.

9. It is made clear that despite the Afghans being weak, they are better than any other nation in defending its religion, are a freedom and independence loving nation and are staunch protectors of their beliefs.

10. Now that the invaders have lost, there is only one way left for them and that is to accept the heroism of the Afghan nation and withdraw its evil forces under any pretext of their liking. If such a move is not made then the Afghan Muslim and furious nation will deliver even more such blows which will neither leave you your head or your dignity.

Successful Kandahar operations and Jacobson’s baseless claims Imran Khalil

Tuesday, 29 Rajab 1433Tuesday, 19 June 2012 18:33Tens of foreign and internal enemy troops killed and wounded in today’s attacks

Early this morning (19/06/2012) as part of spring Al-Farooq campaign, martyrdom seekers of Islamic Emirate launched attacks on two enemy bases in Kandahar province which left tens of foreign troops and their internal hirelings dead and wounded.

The first attack took place at around 03:00 am local time in Shahwalikot district on a NATO base in Dahli Band area when 6 martyrdom seekers (one group comprised of Hafiz Ismail, Abdul Bar and lead by Ahmad Khalil and another group comprised Atta ur Rahman, Wali ullah and lead by Yousuf; all residents of Kandahar) armed with AKs, PKs, RPGs, hand grenades and explosives vests stormed inside and easily reached the enemy residential barracks where they opened fire on the shocked and unprepared enemy with small arms from a very close range.

According to received reports, the Mujahideen took over the base after 3 hours, set fire to the enemy barracks and equipment and carried on fighting for 5 more hours after which all the Mujahideen embraced martyrdom and at the same time killed 30 foreign invaders, wounded 14 others and similarly destroyed 12 military vehicles and 8 fuel tankers with heavy arms fire.

The second attack also took place in the morning but at around 06:00 am when 4 courageous martyrdom seekers (Jannati and Arab from Ghor province and Mukhlis and Ismatullah from Kandahar) stormed a joint enemy base, located in Dand district’s Zarha Shar area near Kandahar city. After passing the enemy safety barriers, the undaunted heroes turned their weapons on the dismayed enemy troops inside, killing and wounding dozens of invaders and their puppets.

According to the report published in Alemarah website citing Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, the spokesman of Islamic Emirate, the fierce resistance lasted till around 01:00 pm when all the Mujahideen embraced martyrdom. The report further pointed out that due to heavy and light arms used in the operation, some 57 foreign invaders were killed and wounded while the Kandak commander (Abdul Qudoos) and 2 other captains were killed as well as 80 other hirelings killed and wounded. It is said that several enemy military vehicles were also destroyed and damaged in the assault as well as the base sustaining severe damages.

The foreign and the local internal enemy spokesmen failed to issue identical statements regarding the losses caused in both of the attacks. The spokesman for ISAF in Kabul confirmed the incidents but remained close lipped about the losses caused as per their policy. Meanwhile the stooge spokesman for Kandahar province (Javid Faisal) told news outlets that the attack near Kandahar hit a police station and was carried out by 4 gunmen which lasted for only 20 minutes. According to the said person, there were no foreign casualties in the incident and only 3 police had been killed while 7 others were wounded, adding that there were also no casualties in the attack in Shahwalikot district. This claim was made at a time when the district governor of Shahwalikot (Samoonmal Bacha) told reporters that he himself witnessed 10 wounded foreign soldiers being taken away for treatment. Such contradictory statements by the enemy officials clearly show that the enemy has suffered heavy human and material losses in both of the operations.

Today’s successful attacks and Jocabson’s baseless claims

Today’s successful martyrdom attacks in Kandahar amid operation Al-Farooq happened at a time when the NATO spokesman, Christian Jacobson, made baseless claims yesterday and said: The Al-Farooq spring offensive of Taliban is a failure and added that NATO has made incredible progress.

However if we look at the ground realities, they are completely opposite. Tens of small, large and roadside bomb attacks take place against the bases and convoys of foreign troops and their hirelings.

After the announcement of Al-Farooq spring operation by Islamic Emirate on the 3rd of May of the current year, more than fifty small and large attacks take place against the enemy throughout the country on a daily basis. About one month and sixteen days after the announcement, more than 2300 attacks have taken place, causing the enemy losses in each one.

With such immense figures for the operation in such a short period of time, we can clearly state that the spring campaign is mainly successful and Jacobson’s claims completely false.

The occupying enemy has always tried to hide its failures and defeats and has coerced many journalists and media outlets into towing the same official line. A great example which can be forwarded is that of the attack on Sahra Bagh airbase which was carried out by 11 Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate two weeks earlier in which dozens of enemy troops were killed and wounded. The foreign enemy initially refused to admit even the death of one soldier and neither did it let news outlets leak any secrets. Two weeks later, their own General admitted that more than 137 soldiers were killed and wounded in the attack on Salerno military base.


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