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What a Pathetic Joke Britains "Justice System" Has Become...

The British justice system throws a single mother in jail, takes her child away and falls over bacwards trying to apologize to the poor muslim immigrants she insulted...Branding her a vile, evil racist...

While at the same time....Fury at £50 fine for poppy burner who gets £800-a-month benefits

Rage ... Choudhury yesterday and the poppy-burning demo

A MUSLIM extremist's tiny £50 fine for burning poppies on Armistice Day was
greeted with fury last night.

Emdadur Choudhury, 26 — on £800-a-month benefits — could have been fined
£1,000 for the insult to our war dead and sneered: "It's only £10 more than
a parking ticket."

And he showed his contempt for Britain after yesterday's hearing by saying: "I
couldn't care less. I don't care about soldiers that died."

Choudhury burned poppies in front of horrified service families as Islamic
militants howled "British soldiers burn in hell" during a two-minute silence
on Armistice Day last November 11.

District Judge Howard Riddle ruled that the dad of two's behaviour had to be
weighed against his right to protest enshrined in the Human Rights Act.

Justice officials confirmed that £50 was the lightest possible fine.

Veteran's grandson Tony Kibble had told Woolwich Crown Court that he watched
the Muslim demo near the Albert Hall in Kensington, West London.

Video: Poppy burning fanatic fined
OUTRAGE at soft sentence for man who torched wreath on Armistice Day

He said that, as the poppies blazed: "I felt sick inside. It is something that
means so much to me. It was despicable." Shaun Rusling, of the National Gulf
War Veterans and Families Association, said: "Anyone who served in the
Forces was insulted by his actions and the British public will be disgusted
with the lenient sentence.

"It is one law for them and one law for others. If we set fire to a Koran,
there'd be uproar."

Howling mob ... cops confront the Poppy Day protesters

The vile attack on the symbol of UK war dead came during a protest by members
of the Muslims Against Crusades group.

Choudhury, of Whitechapel, East London, was convicted of threatening, abusive,
or insulting words or behaviour. Mohammed Haque, 30, of Bethnal Green, was

Judge Riddle, 63, said: "I have no doubt it was the intention of this protest
to shock and offend."

Unrepentant Choudhury ranted later: "Protests are about shock and awe,
otherwise you won't get your point through.

"The real crimes are by soldiers over in Afghanistan.

"I don't take any acceptance of the law of this country. I wear it proudly as
a badge that I did something for the sake of Allah."

In contrast to yesterday's light sentence, Stewart Meldrum, 27, was fined £150
and ordered to pay £600 compensation in 2003 after kicking a Muslim's car in
Streatham, South West London.

Choudhury, who wants Islamic Sharia law in Britain, earns £480 a month as a
part-time technical engineer, and gets a further £792 in state handouts.

But he boasted: "I'm not going to pay the fine. People will be paying it on my

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