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Mohammeds on the March
The Office for National Statistics has just released the list of most popular baby names in England and Wales for 2011. First in the boys’ list is Harry (7,523 babies), followed by Oliver (7,007) and Jack (6,844), whilst the top three girls’ names are Amelia (5054), Olivia (4938) and Lily (4761).

Number 19 on the boy’s list is Mohammed (3,054 babies); however adding Muhammad (2,854) and Mohammad (1,037) takes it up to third place (possibly higher were we to add all the other variants – Mohamad, Muhamed, Mohammod, Mahmoud, Mehmud, etc.).

Mohammed has been a fairly uncommon name in public life, but given these statistics and the rapid growth of Britain’s Muslim population (due both to immigration and high reproductive rates) it is likely to become one of the commonest.

As these young Mohammeds grow to maturity in our minority-nurturing culture, they will naturally take their places in the professions, the arts, sport, public administration, politics, the law and every other walk of British life. And because the rate of defection from Islam is so low (unsurprising when apostates are shunned or punished by their own families and communities), many will be active Muslims, seeking to exert cultural and political influence and pressing for the adoption of Islamic ways, exactly as their religion instructs them to do.

There will be Mohammeds in Parliament, making our laws Sharia-compliant and deciding immigration policy. There will be Mohammeds in local government, enforcing observance of Muslim holidays and processing planning applications for mosques. Mohammeds in schools and universities, giving religious instruction to our children and grandchildren. Mohammeds imposing gender segregation in hospitals, sports halls and community centres. And Mohammeds in the media, giving subtle Mohammedan spin to news stories and dramatically forwarding their morality and world view.

This is the Britain we are creating. A country where Islam increasingly shapes national laws, practices, institutions and cultures. A country where the irresistible force of authoritarian Islam is destined to meet the immovable object of Western civilisation.

Will our descendants thank us for leaving them the choice of submission to Islam or relentless, bitter confrontation in defence of their culture, and possibly of their fundamental freedoms too? Somehow I doubt it.

Join British Freedom and help prevent it becoming reality.

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By: asiannewsuk
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  • Invasion of the Mohammadins.

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  • there,ll be Mohammeds in the graveyard if you push us any further...this is our country and if you push us over the edge you will not like the fuckers are warned...its comin...

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