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Fred Barnes Blames Nicole Wallace for Wardrobegate

I was flipping cable channels last night around 6:45 p.m. ET and really had to laugh. On MSNBC, Sarah Palin aide Nicole Wallace was selling McCain-Palin kool-aid. But when I flipped to FOX, Fred Barnes was burying a knife deep into Wallace's back, claiming she was responsible for buying Palin's $150,000 wardrobe and demanding she take responsibility for it.

Barnes was really angry, and for two good reasons. Politically, Palin will forever be remembered for her wardrobe, and her chances of becoming a serious national leader - and raising the GOP from its post-election grave - are nil. And on a personal note, Barnes's mad love for Palin will remain unrequited. Watch:
As watertiger points out, Palin blames the RNC for sending her clothes she didn't ask for, while RNC chair Mike Duncan blames Team McCain for buying the clothes and sending him the bill. Barnes is right: when will Nicole Wallace step forward and take responsibility?

Update 1: Wallace denied the accusation in an email to Ben Smith:

Wallace fired back in an email to me that Barnes is "incorrect" that she charged the clothes to her card, and "incorrect that I went to any stores."

Public records suggested that another Republican operative, Jeff Larson, paid for the clothes.

"The campaign has made no secret of the fact that it purchased clothes and made them available to Sarah and Todd Palin and their five children for campaign events during the convention. The campaign has also made clear that one third of the items were returned," she said. "I will not engage in a blame game-if folks are determined to lay this at my feet, I accept that from fred barnes or your unnamed sources or anyone else, and hope we can move on and discuss the big choices in this election."

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