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This is how some of our judges deal with pedophiles

PROTECT YOUR KIDS FROM THIS MAGGOT... because Magistrate Saines won't.

Geelong Magistrate Ron Saines has just thrown out all charges against this Afghani illegal immigrant. Police had claimed he attempted to kidnap a 4 year-old girl by snatching her from her father and brother.

Convicted pedophile, Ali Jaffari (pictured) was allowed to walk free
by Magistrate Saines although the repeat offender is certain to resume
his sexual addiction to children.

Ali Jaffari was also found guilty last year of child molestation.

Magistrate Saines said he had “trouble” finding Jaffari guilty of the
kidnapping charge due to "cultural differences". And those differences
could very well be legally considered a "mitigating factor" in his
attempt to snatch the little girl.

Magistrate Saines also claimed the case against Jaffari, "fell short of criminality".

According to Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Brooke Shears, Jaffari was
loitering at a West Geelong cricket park where a 4-year-old girl was
accompanied by her father and brother.

Sgt Shears testified
that, when the father wasn’t looking, Jaffari grabbed the child who
began began screaming when she realised it wasn’t her father.

Sgt Shears went on to testify that:

The little girl’s father heard his daughter’s screams and turned to see
Jaffari hauling her away. The father then yelled at Jaffari, “What do
you think you’re doing?” The girl escaped and ran to her father while
Jaffari simply walked off.

When apprehended, Jaffari informed police of his cultural view on children: "For us it is not an issue", he said.

Jaffari had been found guilty last August, in the same Geelong
courthouse, for indecent assault on a young boy and an attempted
indecent assault on another.

After being found guilty of these
earlier offences, Jaffari was ordered to comply with a "two-year
Community Corrections Order” and to perform community work.

seems Australian magistrates have more respect for the pedophile
cultures of illegal Islamic immigrants than they do for our innocent

I wonder what Magistrate Saines will sentence this
degenerate Muslim germ to when he not only rapes, but murders, his next 4
year-old victim.

More community service maybe?

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