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Just for fun LL

This is a old post from Added: Sep-27-2008 about
LL censorship. And why some of the world did not comment as much. And in the
comments we got statistics of who’s who in LL it would be nice if we could them
see them again.

Is Live Leak Censoring Comments ????
Ive been on LL from the first day it open and I have notice a change in who can contact you in comment area. I don’t know if it’s just natural or if its LL. maybe governments have paced a line between us. We know that they have to censor the videos but do they censor us. We seen a changes when terrorists organizations threaten the staff over the anti- Quran film fitna made by a Dutch politician. It seems right after that Hayden Hewitt's stop his video comments or so it seems. Understandly. The number of views and Comments confuse me. In (all media) you can have up to 1000 or more views and four or five pages media comments in main media 20.000 or more views four or five pages of media comments. It seems that there less Russian, Iran and other world countries commenting. Considering the amounts video some of these counties put out. I know that the world is in comments but seems maybe tilted. I really don't know these are just questions for live leakers.

please report them for us to review.
I believe LL is highly censored. The days of Ogrish are gone. You will only see what LL wants you to see.

Posted Nov-29-2009 By
Jonny_Burmbuster (186.90)Reply

[/*]They removed my Obama 08 avatar with Curious George on it. :(

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
warlock667 (54.92)Reply

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Posted Sep-27-2008 By
bren1 (124.64)Reply

i think material has being rejected as repost only to be upload for other LL in a later time...

I also belive there is a limit on your comment ...but Im not sure ...would be nice if you can help me and comment in my old videos to check it out

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
yaleoo (689.98) Reply

Well today for the first time I tried to get censored. AND I DID I directed a question at someone in LL and here is a answer from LL ( we do not allow members to be personally targeted, if you have any questions regarding LL policy please read the Faq, if you still have questions please make a ticket. thanks )
so we do know that they pay atention to who doing what and that good.

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
russes2010 (167.04)Reply


Posted Sep-27-2008 By
funky95 (46.28)Reply

I do believe china has blocked LL. But I agree that there aren't quite enough flags in the comments. It would be cool to see statistics on comments per country. :)

Seems 99.9% of the comments are American, Canadian and north european... Doesn't the rest of the world have electricity? ;)

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
Yammo (56.94) Reply

I think the rest of the world has electricity lol but maybe a lot of these non-english speaking countries can read in English but writing it properly in a comment is probably more difficult for these people than people from english speaking countries that are doing it on a daily basis.
Speaking and reading in English is easier than writing it without making spelling mistakes.
Here are the visitors for ll by country:
United States46.4%
United Kingdom6.3%
South Africa0.7%
Other countries10.7%

you hardly see comments from turkey,spain or japan while they are in the top 10 of visitors. Less..

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
beck64 (82549.98)Reply

Cool... interesting statistics. :)

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
Yammo (56.94) Reply

yes that what i was talking about it would be nice to see stats.

Comment of user 'russes2010' has been deleted by moderator!Posted Sep-27-2008 By
russes2010 (167.04)Reply

thanks where in the world did you get the stats ??

Posted Sep-27-2008 By
russes2010 (167.04)Reply

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Posted Sep-27-2008 By
russes2010 (167.04)Reply

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