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FREE TO FIGHT EVIL George Galloway MP writes in the Record

George Galloway MP writes in the Scottish Daily Record:

I KNOW Glasgow Airport well ... only too well.
For 18 years, I flew in and out of it virtually every week.
Many of the staff became friends and on Saturday a fair number of passengers would have been too.
Their sangfroid in the face of Saturday's evil is what matters most. When Clydebank was ablaze in the Blitz, steady in the ranks was the order of the day.
"Strong, united and resolute," was Gordon Brown's response to the bombers and he is right.
These idiots are not the Luftwaffe, they're not even Bin Laden's 9/11 premier league killers. These were crazed fanatics, a gang who couldn't make a bomb explode so set themselves on fire instead.
Sure, it could have been a big disaster. But it wasn't.
We could still snatch disaster out of the mouth of fiasco, however.
If we further trash the freedoms which make our country worth defending in the first place. If we turn against our fellow citizens because of what they look like, when they came here or how they pray.
If we do that, we will hand a victory to people who could never defeat us if we stay firm.
A small group of desperadoes can never take away our way of life. We can only do that ourselves.

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