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The Real Tea Party Pledge? Activists attack the NEOCON "Contract From America"

The “Contract From America” is a NEOCON Fraud says Tea Party activists who bristled last week after the debut of the document at the CPAC Convention. As Tea Party advocates and politicians trying to ride the wave discuss a political platform for the mythical third party, these “solutions” were floated as to what the group stands for and what they will demand from the elected. But as we peal away the layers of this onion it seems some believe the Republican Party is more worried that a third party will scuttle their attempts at getting back the House and Senate in November and are now wrapping themselves in the flag of populism to hopefully secure the independent vote.

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What is lost in all of this maneuvering is the original goals of the electorate at large who were shaken from their slumber earlier last year to see with wide open eyes just what a mistake was made the previous election cycle. Who are the real Tea Partiers and what do they want? Well that all depends on whom you ask. Many of the partygoers were enlisted in living rooms across America while others were already on the front lines of the fight to secure our borders and/or save our second amendment rights. Some of them are conducting a Tax protest while still others are advocates for major governmental change; just not the kind President Obama would have endorsed.

The website claims to have the real Tea Party Pledge posted. Here it is exactly as it appears on their site:

The Tea Party Pledge (sign pledge)

We, the undersigned, pledge to vote only for sound candidates regardless of their party.

We seek traditional candidates who favor an anti-globalist, America-First platform. We shall only vote for a candidate who:

(1) Supports reductions in legal immigration; favors attrition policies, ending birthright citizenship and terminating chain migration; and opposes amnesty and illegal immigration, especially from the Third World. (Both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages and undermining traditional demographics.)

(2) Supports America First economic policies and opposes free trade (e.g. NAFTA, etc.), which is destroying the American economy. (Historically conservatives opposed free trade, a globalist practice that Karl Marx himself supported, but many have been "neoconned" on this issue.)

(3) Supports national self-defense but opposes interventionism and nation building. The transformation of the Middle East to liberal democracy is Wilsonian liberalism, not conservatism.

(4) Opposes all forms of [state-enforced] affirmative action.

(5) Opposes federal bailouts.

(6) Supports states' sovereignty.

(7) Opposes "hate-crime" and "hate-thought" laws, and other Orwellian legislation used to silence patriotic criticism.

Unless a Democrat or Republican candidate meets the seven criteria above, we pledge not to vote or to vote third party.


Though it only has 244 signatures right now, activists like Paula James of Santa Maria ,CA believe it is the real deal. Still she is not at all concerned about the so called “Contract From America” and sees it more as a media stunt than anything else.

“I am not of the belief that the Tea Party movement has been co-opted by the GOP. They are trying but we are not that stupid. I believe that the media is creating the “Myth” that the GOP is taking over the Tea Party. We are having none of that. CPAC is not a tea party group although some people who attended may have been involved in Tea Parties The media would like for us to start a third party. We would be shooting ourselves in the head if we did that.”

She may be right. In presidential politics Ross Perot’s participation virtually guaranteed Clinton’s two terms. Scott Brown on the other hand was elected by a motivated independent base though the jury is still out as to whether we got a brand new conservative or a Democrat in NEOCON clothing there.

Be careful what you wish for may be the operative term. The final sentence of the Tea party Pledge is equally alarming:

Unless a Democrat or Republican candidate meets the seven criteria above, we pledge not to vote or to vote third party.

Dangerous indeed. The Dem’s must be licking their chops. No, the Tea Partiers must hold their conservative candidates feet to the fire, demand they support secure borders, Second Amendment Rights and a return to Constitutional law. The Tea Party movement should stay as a movement and not a political party. As much as this writer would like to see both the Dems and GOP thrown out on their collective butts sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. The Tea Parties should be focusing on taking their energy and helping those candidates with conservative values. Ms. James perhaps says it best:

"I am meeting face to face with candidates. They are being told in no uncertain terms that we will not vote for anyone who will not stand up for the Constitution, the rule of law, Freedom, liberty. We get our rights from God not the Congress."


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